Celebrity Death Pool 2016


Could you please also post your list without the commentary? Comments are cool, but a plain format makes my life easier. See the rules in the OP.

I’ve just checked the (short) list of those I had noted as possibles for 2016 and they’ve all died! :frowning:

Clint Eastwood
Stephen Hawking
Harrison Ford
Joey Feek
Jimmy Carter
Stephen King
“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka
William Shatner
Jared Fogel
Mickey Dolenz
Willie Nelson
Ron Jeremy
Dwight Schultz


Bruce Dern
Paul McCartney
James Earl Jones

You might want to list some of your entries by their professional names (like The Amazing Jonathan and Malcolm Young)

Thank you, Frank Gifford. My first-ever 16 points in the Death Pool was by ol’ #16 of the NY Giants.

Alright, I’m in for 2016. List coming soon… (ish).

Bullitt courteously posted the following near the beginning of the 2015 thread, and I certainly found it useful, so here it is again:

And 2016 by Baker:

George H. W. Bush (June 12, 1924)
Mary Tyler Moore (December 29, 1936)
Valerie Harper (August 22, 1939)
John Hurt (January 22, 1940)
Mel Stottlemyre (November 13, 1941)
Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (May 18, 1943)
Rod Carew (October 1, 1945)
Malcolm Young (January 6, 1953)
Vivian Campbell (August 25, 1962)
Martin Crowe (September 22, 1962)
Joost van der Westhuizen (February 20, 1971)
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (July 28, 1971)
Joey Feek (September 9, 1975)

Dick Van Dyke (December 13, 1925)
Zsa Zsa Gabor (February 6, 1917)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (March 15, 1933)

George H. W. Bush
Mary Tyler Moore
Valerie Harper
John Hurt
Mel Stottlemyre
Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
Rod Carew
Malcolm Young
Vivian Campbell
Martin Crowe
Joost van der Westhuizen
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Joey Feek

Dick Van Dyke
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Can I suggest a new category of ‘Most First Picks’ to encourage early entries? It’s very tempting to hang back and analyse the picks others have made and select the best. But if there were an advantage in an early post, that might mix things up a little.

FTR my list is nowhere near complete!

I was just going to rollover my list from last year (with a replacement for my one good pick) - however, Baker’s sample list in the OP looks mighty tempting! :smiley:

It’s the “Toto, we don’t want them in Kansas anymore” list!

I was hoping someone would notice that list!:smiley:

Joey Feek
Sumner Redstone
Kirk Douglas
Charlie Sheen
Peter Bogdanovich
Morgan Freeman
Clint Eastwood
Karl Rove
Dick Cheney
Jimmy Carter
Hal Holbrook
Ginger Baker
Charlie Watts

William Holly Johnson
Michael C Hall
Michael J Fox
Dick Dale
David Crosby
Roger Corman
Earvin Johnson Jr.
Tom Brokaw
Abe Vigoda
Justin Bieber
Jimmy Carter
Yoko Ono
John Hurt
Valerie Harper
Kenny Rogers
Betty White

Tommy Chong
Valerie Harper
Jimmy Carter
Linda Rondstadt
George HW Bush
Monty Hall
Al Jaffee
Pat Harrington
Jenny Diski
Joey Feek
Artie Lange
Dick Dale
Mark Calaway

Nancy Reagan
Steve Schirripa
David Schwimmer
Clarifying one entry: Mark Calaway is the professional wrestler known as The Undertaker.

The year the music dies…

Stevie Wonder
Randy Meisner
Smokey Robinson
Jim Steinman
Peter Yarrow
Keith Richards
Robert Plant
David Bellamy
Rod Stewart
Elton John
Glen Campbell
Gloria Gaynor
Pat Boone
Meat Loaf
Bill Anderson
Lionel Richie

I usually keep people alive by putting them on my list, but last year I got Leonard Nimoy. Sooooo…who to replace him with? Hmmm…Charles Osgood, who hosts Sunday Morning, ain’t lookin’ all that good these days.

So my list of semi-immortals, with a rookie joining up:

George H. W. Bush
Barbara Bush
Lindsay Lohan
Queen Elizabeth
Olivia de Havilland
Jimmy Carter
Muhammad Ali
Angela Lansbury
Johnny Depp
Tom Selleck
Judi Dench
William Shatner
Charles Osgood

Pope Francis
Vladimir Putin

Abe Vigoda
Harlan Ellison
Muhammad Ali
Meat Loaf
Jimmy Carter
The Amazing Johnathan
Pat Boone
Pat Robertson
Kirk Douglas
John Rhys-Davies
Hal Holbrook
Burt Reynolds
Loni Anderson

The problem with finally having someone from my list die is that now I want them all

Not enough to break the rules and actually do some in myself though.

Sacrificing some chickens, maybe - but other than that

We still have almost 4 weeks before submissions. What’s the rush?

Can I put kopek’s chickens on my list?