Celebrity Death Pool 2018

IJohn McCain
Linda Rondstat
Queen Elizabeth
Sam Elliott
Willie Nelson
Jimmy Carter
George Herbert Walker Bush
Christopher Lloyd
Sir Paul McCartney
Billy Joel
Billy Connelly
Keith Richards
Garrett Morris


Stephen King
Cathy Moriarty
Ringo Starr

Here are my picks:

Bashar al-Assad
George H.W. Bush
Barbara Pierce Bush
Jimmy Carter
Loretta Lynn
Prince Phillip
Quincy Jones
Shannen Doherty
Valerie Harper
Gordon Lightfoot
Buzz Aldrin
John Andretti
John McCain

Burt Reynolds
Jimmy Swaggart
Michael Douglas

Barbara Pierce Bush is Mrs. G. H. W. Bush
Quincy Jones the comedian, NOT the producer
John Andretti is the former NASCAR & INDY race car driver, nephew to Mario Andretti

Oops. Third alternate was supposed to be Catherine O’Hara, not Cathy Moriartu

Got it…

My totally random non-themed list for this year:

Billy Graham
Prince Philip
Bob Dole
George H.W. Bush
Elizabeth II
Harry Belafonte
Warren Buffett
Caroll Spinney
Carl Kassell
John McCain
Donald Trump
Ric Flair
Macaulay Culkin

William Perry
Michael Flynn

Billy Graham the reverend, not the wrestler
William Perry of “Refrigerator” fame

Any of those on that list that you feel I should elaborate on, to avoid any potential confusion, oh deadly fungus?

Potential drone targets (despite 2017’s “Is he or isn’t he? Only his undertaker knows for sure” debate about al-Baghdadi):

  1. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (July 28, 1971), ISIS caliph
  2. Hibatullah Akundzada (1961), Taliban leader
  3. Mohammad Yaqoob (1990), Taliban deputy
  4. Ayman Zawahiri (June 19, 1951), Emir of al-Qaeda

Russian opposition politicians:
5. Alexei Navalny (June 4, 1976)
6. Mikhail Kasyanov (Dec. 8, 1957)
7. Vladimir Kara-Murza (Sept. 7, 1981)

North Koreans Who Might Piss Off Kim Jong-Un:
8. Pak Yong-Sik (1950) – 6th defense minister in 6 years of Kim’s reign; Yankee managers under George Steinbrenner had about as much turnover, but with fewer executions

The generally ailing:
9. John McCain (August 29, 1936), US Senator, R-AZ
10. Chris Rea (March 4, 1951), Brit singer-songwriter; one hit wonder in US
11. William ‘the Refrigerator’ Perry (Dec. 16, 1962), football player
12. Leah Bracknell (July 12, 1964), Emmerdale actress
13. Devin Lima (March 18, 1977), former LFO singer


  1. Slim Dunlop (August 14, 1951), replaced Bob Stinson in the Replacements. So if he makes it to the main list, he’ll be a replacement Replacement replacement.
  2. George Herbert Walker Bush (June 12, 1924), former US President
  3. Andy Dick (Dec. 21, 1965), putative comedian

Plain list:
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Hibatullah Akundzada
Mohammad Yaqoob
Ayman Zawahiri
Alexei Navalny
Mikhail Kasyanov
Vladimir Kara-Murza
Pak Yong-Sik
John McCain
William Perry
Chris Rea
Leah Bracknell
Devin Lima

Slim Dunlop
George H.W. Bush
Andy Dick

I submitted my list via the “secret posting” form. Pretty much the same as 2017 since I scored 0 in 2017. Sooner or late somebody on this list has to kick it …

NAME			Birthdate		Known for
Kim Jong-chul		25 September 1981 	Half-brother of Kim Jong-un
John McCain		29 August 1936		Cranky old man from Arizona
Ric Flair		25 February 1949	Woooo!!!!!!!!!
Val Kilmer		31 December 1959	The best Batman *EVER*
Stephen Hawking		8 January 1942		"The Hawk" - One of The Elders of the Internet 
Tommy Chong		24 May 1938		Dave's not here, man.
Jimmy Carter		1 October 1924		Ex-President
Dick Cheney		30 January 1941		Darth Vader
George H.W. Bush	12 June 1924		Ex-President
Michael Schumacher	3 January 1969		Formula-1 Driver Terrible skier
Pope Emeritus Benedict	16 April 1927		Snazzy Red Shoes
Prince Phillip		10 June 1921		He married well
Andy Dick		21 December 1965	Alleged Comic

Casey Anthony		19 March 1985		Found Not Guilty

Clean list:
Kim Jong-chul
John McCain
Ric Flair
Val Kilmer
Stephen Hawking
Tommy Chong
Jimmy Carter
Dick Cheney
George H.W. Bush
Michael Schumacher
Pope Emeritus Benedict
Prince Phillip
Andy Dick

Casey Anthony

Now, thanks to Maus Magill, I have “cranky old man from Arizona” running through my head to the tune of “Little Old Lady from Pasadena.”

Same as last year, minus those who carked it this year when I finally got points on the board. I don’t think many need clarification. June Whitfield is a British comedy actress, most famously from Terry and June and Absolutely Fabulous. Gary Glitter was briefly a pop star who got into some naughty trouble later in life. The rest are comfortably household names.

David Attenborough
Candice Bergen
Mel Brooks
George H W Bush
Tim Conway
Gary Glitter
Bob Newhart
William Shatner
Betty White
June Whitfield
John Williams
Joanne Woodward

Sean Connery
Donald Trump
Macaulay Culkin

My work here is done.


I decided to Google this guy. Cracked up when the fifth entry down was:

I had this vision of more than a hundred terrorists named Mohammad Yaqoob, exchanging “information, ideas, and opportunities” via LinkedIn relating to their field. “I, Mohammad Yaqoob, am a middle-level operative with ISIS. Recent problems in the organization have me seeking new opportunities.”

Clean List:
John McCain
Bill Vander Zalm
Van Morrison
Oliver Stone
Tome Sizemore
Kim Jong Un
Keith Richards
Charlie Sheen
Michael J Fox
Stan Lee
Sinead O’Connor
Rudy Boesch
Jimmy Carter

Alternate List:
George HW Bush
Bret Michaels
Val Kilmer

Bill Vander Zalm is former Premier of British Columbia.
Rudy Boesch was on Season 1 of Survivor


My list just keeps getting older and older…

George H.W. Bush
Dana Carvey
Kassie DePaiva
Michael Douglas
Richard Dreyfuss
Judith Krantz
Gina Lollobrigida
Gerald McRaney
Liza Minnelli
Frankie Muniz
Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
John Paul Stevens
Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is the Beach Boy.


George W. Bush
Shirley Knight
Cloris Leachman

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Vivian Campbell
Jeannie Gaffigan
Valerie Harper
Hugh Jackman
Val Kilmer
Devin Lima
Olivia Newton-John
Jack Nicholson
David Prowse
Peggy Sulahian
Desmond Tutu
Ronnie Wood

Tamra Judge
Kate Walsh
Rita Wilson

Plain list:

Billy Graham
Stan Lee
Valerie Harper
Little Richard
Jerry Lee Lewis
Carles Puigdemont
Jessie Ventura
Judy Sheindlin
Bob Dole
David Prowse
Steve Bannon
Donald Trump

Bob Barker
Mitch McConnell

More descriptive list:

  1. Billy Graham
  2. Sting
  3. Stan Lee
  4. Valerie Harper
  5. Little Richard
  6. Jerry Lee Lewis
  7. Carles Puigdemont
  8. Jessie “The Body” Ventura
  9. Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy)
  10. Bob Dole
  11. David Prowse (character actor, guy in the Darth Vader suit)
  12. Steve Bannon
  13. Donald Trump (asshole)

Bob Barker
Mitch McConnell

Your political ignorance is showing.

Is that because he referred to Donald Trump as an “asshole” instead of the proper term, “short-fingered vulgarian”?