Celebrity Death Pool 2020

:checks watch: So, anyone score yet?

And we’re off. First score of the year.

David Stern 77

Unreal…my first time whiffing on this probably since we started doing it here.

Well, I know they won’t officially count, what with me stumbling in nearly 24 hours too late, but I’m dropping these in just for posterity.

  1. Drummer Frankie Banali
  2. Senator Harry Reid
  3. Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins
  4. Rapper and trainwreck Aaron Carter
  5. Delays singer Greg Gilbert
  6. Actor David Prowse
  7. Singer Shane MacGowan
  8. Rapper 6ix9ine (Daniel Hernandez)
  9. Game show host Alex Trebek
  10. Record producer Phil Spector
  11. Soccer player Jimmy Greaves
  12. Producer Harvey Weinstein
  13. Shitbag Donald Wildmon

Stripped, alphabetized list:
Aaron Carter
Alex Trebek
David Prowse
Donald Wildmon
Frankie Banali
Greg Gilbert
Harry Reid
Harvey Weinstein
Ian Watkins
Jimmy Greaves
Phil Spector
Shane MacGowan


You had him? If so, this is the quickest early bird prize we’ve ever had.

Are we 100% sure he didn’t die in 2019?

Is that the fastest list post to first death we’ve seen in the death pool? If Stern’s death was first reported about two hours ago, so I’m guessing there was about 12 hours between the list posting and the first death?

The AP article says he died today.


Not me but two did.

Seriously? Two-way tie for an early bird that early? Someone get a huge set of scales and a duck.

It’s not who starts out in the lead, it’s who finishes in the lead!

That said, happy to get early points…

Wiki confirms a Jan 1 death date

I wonder if we could have some sort of immortal contest where we have winners based on which posters did the worst. For example, I looked at my 2009 list and I have 8-alive and 5-dead. That’s from 11 years ago, and that’s how poorly I’ve done.

We could have categories for “Worst Poster” or possibly the longest living person chosen on a death list or others I haven’t thought of.

Nick Gordon, the ex-boyfriend of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, dead at 30.

I have a clear memory of the game five years ago when Mario Cuomo paid off on New Years Day and there was much celebration and dancing in the handbaskets.

Fans self with hand

Well, I do declare. Consider me officially rebuked. I withdraw my insinuation that your mental state is not quite up to scratch. You’re obviously a very stable genius.

Bless your heart

From the AP: Don Larsen, the New York Yankees pitcher who threw the only perfect game in World Series history, has died at age 90.

The death of David Stern is not a record for earliest death, it’s more of a tie.

In 2015 we had two deaths on Jan.1, Jeff Golub and Mario Cuomo.

RobotDevilDog and phungi win the Opening Kickoff award! May they enjoy their time in first place.

1 phungi 23 1 0
1 RobotDevilDog 23 1 0

Yeah, I saw that crazy rant before the mods excised rosemurray’s posting history here. You’d asked if it was a joke or a conspiracy theory - guess we found out! :wink:

For those who missed it, this now ex-poster claimed at considerable length that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s been dead since last January, and the Deep State has covered this up with the use of body doubles and stuff.

I thought he was being facetious.

Movie producer David Foster (The Thing, McCabe and Mrs. Miller) dead at 90.

If so, it’s going to affect some of our scores for 2019.