Celebrity deaths: near misses

When I heard this morning about the death of George Martin, I was immediately saddened that there wouldn’t be any more Song of Ice & Fire books after all. Then I discovered it was the Beatles producer who died, not the writer.

In fact, recently there’s been a lot of minor celebrity deaths which made me do a double-take. For instance:

Brian Johnson, Jan. 12 (Australian rugby coach)
Steve Harris, Feb. 22 (American basketball player)
Robert Redbird, March 5 (Native American artist)

And I’m also reminded of the time I found out Steve Howe was killed in a car accident, thinking: Aw man, Steve Howe died! Oh wait, phew, it wasn’t Steve Howe the Yes guitarist, it was the former Dodgers pitcher…aw man, Steve Howe died! :frowning:

Any other celebrity deaths you mistook for someone more notable when you first heard about it?

Paul Ryan the comic book artist just died, and he was not Paul Ryan the current Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Never heard of any of those guys, except Steve Howe of the Dodgers, so not yet.

Well Robert Redbird was probably confused with Redford.

Brian Johnson is also the name of the lead singer of AC/DC.

Steve Harris is from Iron Maiden

I once misread a chyron on CNN and thought that Patrick Stewart had died in a plane crash.

Turned out it was the golfer, Payne Stewart. I still feel slightly guilty about how happy I was to learn that Payne Stewart had died. But Patrick Stewart had just signed on to be Professor X in the X-Men movies!

Plus, there’s an actor named Steve Howey, who was in the film “Stan Helsing,” and now has a recurring role on “Shameless.”

He also played Van on the “Reba” sitcom. I’m ashamed that I know that part.

I remember that one. Following the news of the flight creeped me out. They were reported as most likely dead as the plane was still flying north.

Coincidentally I just read an article the other day that AC/DC postponed a bunch of dates because Brian Johnson’s voice is gone.

It’s not his voice that’s going. Doctors have advised Johnson to quit touring or else risk total hearing loss.

When Paul Simon, the former senator and presidential candidate, died in 2003, at I first thought it was the singer.

Yep. They dispatched a plane or two to try to contact them visually. He reported that he could see frost on the windows, an indication of cabin pressure loss. They couldn’t do anything except wait for it to crash.

I’ve mentioned this accident to people, and they just shrug it off. To me, it was akin to the Apollo 13 accident, when they had to slingshot around the moon, and no one knew if they’d survive the trip since there would be no radio contact.

That’s how I imagine the Apollo disaster, anyway. I was a small child when that happened, and don’t recall knowing about it until the movie.

Ah Yes! That’s what it was. Thanks for the correction. Maybe I heard it wrong on the news. (I should stop touring as well) :smiley:

And an actor, notably on The Practice.

This is merely death adjacent. I had read with cloak-and-dagger glee when Scalia died that the owner of the ranch/death site was John Poindexter. Turned out to be A John Poindexter, not THE John Poindexter, former NSA habitué. I could’ve almost tasted the cigar. :smack: