Celebrity Fit Club: Are the Weights Fake or what?

I’m not a watcher of this show, but flipping around last night I saw a part where they were weighing Victoria Jackson and said she was 160 pounds, IIRC.
I was looking at her and no way did that seem possible, I’ve got 200 pound friends who seem smaller than her to me.

So, any regular watcher know what’s up? Do all the weights for the other players seem low also? Is there any kind of verification built into the rules or the system? Is this a matter of “stars” not agreeing to play unless the show is willing to fudge the numbers? Or am I just nuts and a weight of 160 for a woman with three chins seems perfectly reasonable to everyone else?

I don’t know…do we know how tall she is?

I’m 5’10" and weigh 220 right now. No one ever guesses my weight as high as it is. There’s a discussion about this on the obesityhelp.com message board re: people lying about their weight.

I personally thought Kirstie Alley weighed way more than the admitted 200 or so she claimed…but again, I don’t know how tall she is. Also, people carry their weight differently. Maybe Victoria carries hers in the face. I carried mine in the keister and lower belly.


It also depends on how much muscle you carry under the fat. I’m overweight, but I’ve also got a lot of muscle around my legs/thighs (I ride a bike to and from work every day), which means I weigh more than people say I look like weighing.

Camera adds weight, too.

So that’s three votes for it’s probably just me, it looks like.
I think she’s pretty short, so maybe that’s all it is. It just struck me funny.

Victoria does have a very pudgy face, but look at her during the weight graphic, when she’s standing on her hands. 160 looks reasonable to me. This is her before picture from VH1. She doesn’t have a lot of weight in her hips and thighs.

I could believe that Victoria is about 160, but I wonder about Toccarra. They say she is 200 lbs.

She is big. I mean that in every sense of the word: she’s a model, so we know she is tall and she has big chest/thighs etc. I would put her more at 220.

But eh, who knows?

Nah, I had a girlfriend shaped like Toccarra and she was 200 lbs.

Some folks look a lot heavier than they are, unfortunately.

A few years ago I had an attack of gallstones and was taken to the emergency room. I got a look at my chart, and I wasn’t very happy to see that the triage nurse had described me as “an obese middle-aged female.” I weighed 118 pounds at the time, and was 5’3" tall.

I also wondered about Tocarra. I am the same height as she is so I was anxious to see her “goal” weight.

She’s 200…doesn’t necessarily look way fat but I’m 250 and at least in my mirror I look to be “as fat” as her. When I was 220, I looked a little thinner than her.

Except I don’t have breasts near her size.

Anyway…she must have a REALLY small frame. Her goal is 150#. Wowza. I think the thinnest I could possibly be is 175 due to my monster-sized frame. She just doesn’t LOOK like she has a small frame. If I got down to 200 I would probably look fab.

I can’t believe she doesn’t have much muscle, either. I only saw the first episode and she looked like she was kicking butt compared to the other contestants. If she had a better sports bra she probably would have done even better.

Hopefully she DOES have a small frame and not much muscle. Otherwise she won’t be much of a healthy 150. Nor will she be much of a plus-sized model.

Victoria Jackson is 5’6".

Tocarra doesn’t seem to have a small frame, though. I know many girls like her that will never, ever, ever be below a size 16- try as they might. Look at her chest/legs/shoulders-- there is no way she is small framed.

I agree. She doesn’t look small framed. I want to watch more of the show so I can see what happens. I think she’ll shed some weight but never reach 150, and she’ll look fabulous.

What’s amazing is that in one episode she took diet pills- 6 of them in one day. I don’t know of any diet pills where you are supposed to take more than 3. Anyway, she took diet pills and worked out and whatever and STILL only lost a pound.

Sucks for her.

Joey: “Some girl ate Monica!”
Monica: “Shut up. The camera adds ten pounds.”
Chandler: “So how many cameras are actually on you?”

Victoria Jackson is also a gymnast who, while she can’t do the really impressive stuff, still does yoga and various exercises that probably pack a good bit of muscle onto her short frame.

I was most surprised by Willie Ames’ enormous gut for 200 pounds, until I realized he’s 5’4. (Man, when he stopped being cute he didn’t hold back.)

The main thing that fascinates me when I catch the show is, of course, Busey (“and Busey means ‘Big Ugly Sum-bitch Enjoyin’ Yogurt…”). This guy needs to be locked up before he hurts somebody. The prayer fiasco (where he thanks Jesus Christ and is asked by a Jewish contestant [“the Snapple Lady”] politely asks him not to do that if he wants her to participate, and responds by yelling at her and calling her a bitch) sent him straight to the front of the “Needs an Asskicking” line for me. (Surprisingly they haven’t mentioned Willie’s Bible Man videos.)

I’m hoping that Phil Margera gets down to where he needs to be. He seems to be a nice guy but is gonna keel over if he doesn’t lose that gut.

That was one of favorite bits from that show. But, I made the mistake of zinging my overweight boss with that same line when we were testing video equipment together, he didn’t seem to find it all that funny…

What really pissed me off was that, on the same show Toccara took the diet pills, the really reamed her at the weigh-in for not meeting goal and yet Bam’s father (don’t remember his name) didn’t meet goal and ADMITTED TO CHEATING but the panel were tripping over themselves to praise his “hard work”.

I think Toccara was right. They don’t like her because she’s not ashamed of herself.

In fairness to Phil, they’re praising him for his hard work because according to his trainer and the logs he’s been keeping, he’s actually working hard and getting results. He exceeded his goal last week and barely missed it this week. When he did cheat on his diet he told his trainer and worked out that much more. Only he and in a slightly incoherrant way Busey seem to be really embracing this completely. At least at the weigh-ins.
I agree Toccara did get a bit of a raw deal, but it’s at least partly her own fault. There’s not being ashamed of yourself and there’s acting like you have no room for improvement. She does kind of come off as the latter, accurate or not. Again, at the weigh-ins.