Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew - five dead so far.

One of the big things with recovery is honesty. I don’t know how honest celebs can be with cameras following their very move. I don’t know how honest anyone could be with cameras following them. It’s like being recorded in the psychiatrist’s office.

Every one of those celebrities had problems beyond addiction. McCready in particular was diagnosed with a personality disorder in addition to having experienced abuse in both childhood and in relationships.

I predict that in time 100% of those on Celebrity Rehab will die. Dr Drew is a monster.

I’m glad that this board/thread is reacting more sanely to this factoid than most of the Internet. There’s a big impulse out there to try to use the apparently amazing fact that addicts die from addiction to try to discredit the entire scientific approach to addiction and treatment. It’s not about Drew Pinsky and the whole controversy over him is basically a smokescreen for an agenda about Western medicine.

I was going to post that Cracked link too. Reality shows are disgusting.

About time somebody responded.

I think going on a reality show to get treatment for addiction makes about as much sense as going on a reality show to find true love.

I’ve actually wondered if the cameras and attention make these people feel more awkward or less. OT1H, they’re having to share their most private thoughts and their secrets and their embarrassing private details with an audience, but OTOH many of them are attention junkies in addition to their other addictions and they haven’t had a fix in years (the “celebrity” being somewhat kind and liberal for some of them).
OTO-Other Hand, with cameras they’re probably less actually sharing than going into automatic Jenna Maroney performance mode.



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Unfortunately, Dr. Drew will also die and thus will escape punishment for his crimes.

I’m not sure about that. Dr. Drew’s been on lots of shows in addition to his own, but he’s never died on any of them.

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