Celebrity Rehab 2

Here are some of the participants. Jeff Conway and his girlfriend are back. Rodney King, a celebrity? They have Gary Busey in it. That guy should be muffled. He thinks angels sent him to help these people. He gives me chills. They have another American Idol castoff. A rocker who got booted off Guns and Roses for drugs. And actresses who are on the downswing.
Busey and Conway will screw it all up.

http://blogs.courant.com/roger_catlin_tv_eye/2008/10/woo-hoo-celebrity-rehab-2.html Heres the cast. They are stretching celebrity a bit. Just rich spoiled brat rehab.

Yes, Busey seems to be suffering more from his head injury than an addiction. How cleaned up can they possibly get him to be?

The G’n’R drummer? Thrown out of his house at age 11? Do we believe him? If so, that’s ghastly. :frowning:

Rodney King seems seriously messed up. Rod Stewart’s son seems like a jerk, and comes across as being in this for the exposure, not for the help.

I was disappointed not to hear more about last year’s participants. I remember seeing Mary Carey doing ads for something sex-related, so it sounds like she may be struggling.

I have to say; the premise of the show makes me a little queasy, but I’m totally in the tank for Dr. Drew. He really seems like an all-around great guy. I’d love to see him and Tim Gunn work together, cleaning people up inside and out.

I watched the first episode last night. The first thing that bugged me was the way VH-1 made less than an hour’s worth of content into a 90-minute show. They kept showing the same footage over and over, it’s irritating as hell, even with TiVo to fast-forward.

I don’t understand the inclusion of Gary Busey. He clearly doesn’t think he’s NOT sober, even with is medical marijuana prescription, and his “participant not patient” thing is clearly bugging the other patients, even on the first day. Dr. Drew stated flat-out that he can’t help anyone that doesn’t truly WANT to get clean, so why Busey have made it past the first round of interviews (or whatever they do to pick cast members on the show)?

I used to listen to “Loveline” a lot and completely believe Dr. Drew to be sincere in wanting to treat addiction. I don’t think he’s a famewhore, I honestly think he wants to make people aware of the realities of addiction & treatment. I can accept him doing this show with that in mind, but why admit celebrities like Busey and Daniel Baldwin (last season) that claim to be sober? I’m willing to blame VH-1 for those decisions, but “controversy” for the show definitely isn’t going to equal better treatment for anyone else.

I assume there are a lot of people that only watch this show for the “celebrity trainwreck” aspect, so I shouldn’t be surprised that they want to emphasize that, but there’s plenty of drama with ANYONE that’s trying to get sober. Throwing a douchebag in the mix that’s just going to take time & attention away from the so-called celebrities that seem to sincerely want to clean up seems stupid and pointless.

Good Lord, I’m taking this show way too seriously. So I’ll mention that I was amused by Jeff Conaway’s girlfriend expecting to con the staff into letting her into treatment with Jeff. She didn’t seem as confident that she wanted to sober up when she found out she’d have to do it like a regular non-celebrity, off-camera.

And I was surprised to find Steven Adler to be endearing after his 2-week detox. It’s interesting that Dr. Drew pointed out that he’s never matured past the age of 11. Sober, he really did seem childlike and sweet. Yet this is a guy who got kicked out of Guns 'N Fucking Roses because of his drug use!

This is the same reason that I had such problems watching the first season. You’d see the same 30 second clip, ending just before something actually happened, replayed (quite literally) ten times in ten minutes, wrapped around the usual VH-1 four commercial breaks at the end of the hour as a way of playing “cliff hanger”. Then at least some of the time, they’d tease out the conclusion for the next episode! Damn that was frustrating. “So…you’re not really going to show me anything…and when you do, it doesn’t amount to much?”

Missed the show, forgot it was on. Seems I didn’t miss much.

I’m sure Busey is only on for his own exposure, like Baldwin last season, and was put in by VH-1 perhaps over Dr. Drew’s objections. I’m also willing to bet that he’ll be gone after 4-5 episodes just like Baldwin.

Busey is a real nutcase.

Well yeah, he’s out of his tree. If his problem really is his head injury rather than drugs, I hope they figure that out quickly and get him the hell out of there. He seems to be a weird combination of Baldwin and Jeff Conaway - he’s presenting himself as someone to be admired for his long sobriety, but he also seems to demand all the attention possible. I won’t be surprised if he threatens to leave when Drew breaks it to him that he’s a patient, not a participant. So Baldwin + Conaway + made-up acronyms - ANY sanity/self-awareness = Busey.

If Busey has been sober for 13 years ,he does not belong there. He takes a bed from someone who needs help.

I agree. Also, they already HAVE a qualified staff to help those that sincerely want to clean up. I can’t see where Busey adds any value to their treatment. I’m pretty sure no one BUT Busey thinks he’s able to help.

How screwed up would you have to be to get help from Busy? Who would or could listen to him? He is amusing in a weird way but he requires a lot of distance. Being in the same rehab center with him for would just wear you down.

Conaway, Busey, and Rodney King just broke my heart. (The rest of them can go hang, for all I care.) Jeff Conaway is so far gone that it’s like watching a guy walking along the edge of a cliff while drunk and wearing a blindfold: You know he’s going to fall eventually, and it’s only a question of when. His albatross/girlfriend’s facial expression was pretty funny, though, while she tried to decide if she still wanted treatment off camera.

Rodney King didn’t actively seek “fame,” so I have more sympathy for him than I do most of the people that end up on this show. I get the feeling he’s still fighting with his beating and its aftermath.

Busey is the most heartbreaking. He was a very promising talent before his head injury, and if he’d cleaned up his act before the motorcycle accident he might very well have been a Hollywood legend in a positive sense instead of an icon of the bizarre as he is now. It’s hard to know if he has an underlying mental illness or if his delusions are a result of his major head injuries, but either way they’re not funny or contemptible to me and probably not something Dr. Drew can help him with. I think he’ll be out of there within 2 weeks.

My vote to replace him would be Andy Dick. Now THAT would be amusing. Maybe he’d urinate on that snotty little Stewart spawn.