Anyone watching Sober House?

Sober House is the latest ,Dr. Drew, celebrity drug show. It follows the Celebrity Rehab people into a sober house(like a halfway house). Steven Adler got someone to smuggle heroine in and he got ripped. If you know anyone who thinks heroine and drugs are cool let them watch that episode. He went from confused to belligerent and then to an obliterated state. He could not walk ,follow an idea for 2 seconds and was a horrible sight to see.

I missed the first two episodes but caught them on rebroadcast this weekend.

It was sad to see Steven like that. I was pulling for him through Celebrity Rehab. He seems like a nice guy, but he really was in a bad way.

I thought the exact same thing. That’s one of the things I really like about Celebrity Rehab, and now Sober House – they show the ugly side of drug use.

As an aside, I’ve really come to admire Dr. Drew. If Obama is going to pick a TV doctor for surgeon general, I think he’d be a better choice than Sanjay Gupta.

Really? I see it as the worst sort of exploitation. And Drew Pinsky should be ashamed of himself.

It is not even close to the worst. It may actually do some good. I recommend that episode be shown in high schools. His drug stupor was definitely not cool.
He is a dead man walking.

By putting those poor people on television, I think it ruins their chances of achieving lasting sobriety. Especially since relapse makes for “must-see TV,” apparently. :rolleyes: