Celebrity Sex Tapes

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I just watched Keeley Hazell’s ‘stolen’ sex tape and a very talented lady she is :smiley:

The question is, why do these celebs allow themselves to be filmed?

The list of celeb sex tapes that have been ‘stolen’ by ex boyfriends, cleaners, maids is virtually endless, Britney Spears, Pam Anderson,Abi Titmuss and so on and so forth.

Don’t these people ever learn that one day that tape will be nicked and will be available on the innernet…not that I’m complaing y’unnerstand :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps the women in question don’t mind their frolics being seen by millions.

While I have no idea who Keeley Hazell or Abi Titmuss is???
I can say that a Britney Spears sex tape has never surfaced and the Pamela Anderson one was well over 15 years ago.
The only other one I know of was Paris Hilton.

Where is this virtually endless list of which you speak?

It’s quite possible they’re very aware of it. Having a sex tape released can increase your public profile quite a bit. It worked for Kim Kardashian, but not really for Screech from Saved By the Bell.


That’s a really weak list. Once you take the males off of it the only people I have even heard of are Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton, Tonya Harding, and Kim Kardashian.

Why would you take the males off of it? Do they not count?

I guess for the others, who aren’t actually getting royalites, the publicity is enough.

Abi Titmuss???

Never heard of Keeley or Abi?

Suggest you do a Google my friend, you could be pleasantly surprised, especially with Keeley…drool, slobber, pant :slight_smile:

People can be celebrities in other countries, you know.

An image search [probably NSFW!] for Ms Hazell will reveal why she’s popular over here.

The Keeley Hazel one reminded me how embarrassingly useless most teenage girls are at sex in general - I’m sure boys are the same.

I mean . . completely useless. It was utterly awful.


That girl has got A levels in BJs:p

She’s got A Level’s in bandwaggon jumping is all, even when she doesn’t know one end of a bandwaggon from the other.

I have to confess, I too was underwhelmed.

(Not to say that I actually kicked her out of bed…)

Well, not till she started in with the crackers.

Nevermind the ungrateful bastages. Thank you, chowder.


I couldn’t care less about her lack of knowledge regarding bandwaggons just so long as she knew where to find my soft dangly bits :stuck_out_tongue:

So, you want her to nibble on your ears?

I have no idea who the hell these people are. Then again, I didn’t know who Kim Kardashian was until a few months ago.

To answer the question in the OP: Because they’re attention whores.