Celebs that you are surprised are still alive

I just stumbled across the fact that Paul Williams is still alive:

Really? Where the heck has he been?

Doris Day

Cloris Leachman.

I see your Cloris Leachman and raise you with Betty White (96 to Cloris Leachman’s 92).

And also Mel Brooks. I’ll be very sad when he leaves us.

Pulitzer prize winning author Herman Wouk (The Caine Mutiny, The Winds of War, War and Remembrance is 103.

Diana Rigg. I was shocked to see her in Game of Thrones; I figured she’d passed away years ago.

The thing with Cloris Leachman is that she looks like she died years ago. But actually I confused her with someone who did die some years back and I have to remind myself it wasn’t her. I can’t remember who actually did die though.

Madeline Kahn and Cloris Leachman both did multiple movies for Mel Brooks. Could Kahn be the other person you’re thinking of? She died in 1999; was only 57.

The same thought occurred to me but I just can’t recall. What stuck with me was my surprise the first time I saw her on TV after I thought she was dead.

I’m constantly amazed that Stan Lee (born December 1922) continues to make cameos in Marvel movies. Most of the time I end up thinking “He still isn’t dead?” I suppose with the long production time he’ll appear in a few after his death.

Henry Kissinger (born May 1923). Most everyone else from that era of politics is gone. I was surprised to see an article recently with him talking about the current political scene.

Just saw Wayne Newton on one of the tabloids at the check out lane. I thought he’d been gone for a while.

Andy Dick.

Phyllis Diller?

He’s had a recurring role on Goliath.

And nobody has mentioned Keith Richards? He’s still high-profile, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not shocked he’s still among the living.

I thought maybe Charo, but it turns out that she’s younger than me!

Heh–the 2006 song “Mirror Door” by The Who name-checked Doris Day as being on the “other side” of the door. Someone pointed out the mistake to Pete, but it was too late as the album had already been released.

There are a lot more of these in this thread also on the first page. Gotta admit, this thread has the better title.

I had to check on the renowned French chef Paul Bocuse, as well. Turns out he died this year at 91. Bourdain featured him in one of his episodes of Parts Unknown.

Julian Glover also showed up in Game of Thrones. Totally thought he passed away in the 90s.

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I went to look up when Rich Little had died a few weeks ago. Turns out he hasn’t.

Not that he was particularly old, But he showed up constantly in so many cameos and weird places in the 70s-00s I kind of assumed that when I had seen him in nothing new since Futurama, he must have died.