Cell Phone Doodads

Never the one to prematurely jump into a technology fad, I received my first cell phone in more than 3 years yesterday. Needless to say, cell phones have changed quite a bit since the last time I had access to one and I am amazed at how many incredible little games, tones and utilities are available these days.

I also cannot figure out ringtones to save my mother’s soul. I have a Samsung e315 that I KNOW can somehow get ringtones from somewhere, but the My T-Mobile site is ringing up errors and I don’t know if there’s any other way I can acquire one.

Right now I’m set to the T-Mobile jingle so that whenever my phone rings, I think I’ve left my tv on and expect to hear Catherine Zeta Jones telling me to get more.

I’ve seen some (admittedly ghetto) commercials for a place called Jamster, but it seems like the equivalent of internet spam on your cell phone.

Is there a reputable 3rd party site where I can order ringtones?

I’ve had the same experience trying to get a nice ringtone for my Motorola v551 from Cingular. It came with only three ringtones, only one of which is mildly acceptable. Choice #2 is the Cingular Ring and #3 is some sort of techno-funky thing I hate. My old Nokia had about 20. Of course they were all chintzy and cheapy sounding, but by God, they were choices!

Help me, too.

Amen! My last phone was an old, old boxy Nokia from Cricket, but at least it had Flight of the Bumble Bee midi’s on it!

I hate knowing how powerful this phone is, but having no clue how to make it go. :confused:

As my father is fond of saying some people would complain if you hanged them with a brand new rope.

I have a somewhat similar Samsung phone and I’ve gotten ringtones from T-mobile in the past with no problems. Sorry but I can’t help with 3rd party sites. I’d download a tone now to test but forgot my phone at the hotel this morning.

The whole cellphone ringer fiasco pisses me right off, it does.

Let’s see… my phone can download ringers, cool! Oh, but it turns out I can only RENT them throught some sites, although others will let me buy them- at a horrendous markup. You know, ringers just aren’t that important to me after all.
[SUB]Although I really, really want the Our Man Flint presidential red phone ring.[/SUB].

I’m reminded of the Zits strip from a week or so ago in which the dad was horrifying Jeremy and his friends with his tales of the olden days of yore when the whole family had to share ONE PHONE. (Mr. S said he should have told them about party lines, not as fun as they sound.) One kid wanted to know who got to pick the ringtone. :smiley:

I just use ye olde Nokia “Ring Ring.”

I don’t know how to solve your problem, but someone probably does. Google <exact model number> + ringtones + “how to” and you can probably find out.

I went through this with my LG phone…I really wanted bagpipes for my ringer, so even if I was willing to pay, nobody was selling. It took a $15 cable from radio shack, a driver, and several shareware tools.

Googling Samsung e315 ringtone and how-to led me to a host of junk sites, unfortunately.

I did, however, discover that there are ringtones available for download for my phone from the Samsung Web site. Not sure about other makes/models, but it’s worth a try.

I’m still hunting around, I’ll keep everyone posted.