Cell Phone Moron

Finally, I see a moron on a cell phone fuck up on the road.
I am heading home during rush hour, and get cut off by a woman in a big SUV. I get behind her, and see she is yapping on her cell. There is a 3 lane into 2 lane merge for construction on the interstate.

This silly bitch decides she can merge at the end. (after 2 miles of signs saying “left lane ends”

Well, she gets some nice driver to let her in (still on the fucking phone) and then plows into the car in front!!!

Still on the fucking phone! Nobody was hurt apparently, and my last view of the stupid bitch was her arguing with the poor asshole she rear ended, still talking on her fucking cell phone!

[Note to the PC police: Yes, If you fuck up like that, I will call you a silly bitch/bastard too…quit whining]

Fucking morons like that don’t deserve to drive.

Uh, sorry for no subject line…I messed up

I’ll fix it. What did you mean for it to be?

Hmm… I say, charge her with reckless driving and execute her.

::listens:: Huh? What? Reckless driving isn’t a capital offense?



Well, it SHOULD be!

I concur.

Isn’t their some small country or religeous group that the USA can bomb or starve to get rid of this problem? :smiley:

— G. Raven

Thanks Euty!

I was thinking of starting a “Cell Phone Moron” thread after church today.

Yes, that’s right, right in the middle of the freaking sermon, some moron’s cell phone rings. And of course, instead of ringing, it plays a little song. Twice. And instead of turning it off, or leaving, I heard him say, “Hello?”

If you’re that important that you can’t turn it off for about an hour, at least put the damn thing on “Quiet” or vibrate when you’re in church!

May you and your cell phone burn in Hell for all eternity.

Peace be with all the rest of you.

He should have been dragged out and stoned!:mad::mad::mad:

I swear, the next puke that answers a cell phone in a theater I’m in is gonna be wearing my depth-charge size Diet Coke!!!

I came home from the store this morning ranting about a woman on a cell phone in line behind me.
She was talking so stinkin loud that everybody could hear her conversation.
She is having some kind of consignment party or something, and if I wasn’t tired and bitchy at the time I would have remembered her address that she gave out and invited a whole slew of people.
“Well, you were talking so loud I thought you were inviting everybody in the store also”

Thou shallt not vibrate in Church. Repent!

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The thing that always bewilders me is the sheer illogic of it. If you wouldn’t have a conversation face to face where you are, then why on earth do you think that it is acceptable to have one on your mobile?

If I was having a conversation with somebody and a third party grabbed my shoulder and started to speak, I wouldn’t just abandon my conversation with the first person. So why answer the phone and ignore the first person?

If I am in a theatre and somebody tried to start a conversation with me, I wouldn’t be a party to it. So why answer the phone and do just this?

Really, I could go on. The rudeness of those using a mobile phone who wouldn’t dream of doing the exact same thing if it were face to face is staggering.

Oh - and anybody holding and using a mobile while driving needs to be given the eaxct same penalty as a drink-driver. The potential effects seem to be equivalent to me.


Morons! All of them!

Just last week, a guest prof came into our class to give us a lecture about Transcendental Meditation (the class is about New Religious Movements since the 1940s)… so he gives us a demo.

There we were, following his guided meditation, when…

ring fuckinglittleannoyingrenditionofBeethovens5th

…followed by a loud, “Hello?”


May the cell phone fry this moron’s brain.


No, no, no! It’s not because of the cellphone! It’s because the person in the OP was driving an SUV! Really!

Don’t believe me? Just ask {B]fatherjohn** …

Well, spank my ass and call me Debby; I thought cell phones and SUV’s were a matching set; you know, kind of a “You can’t have one without the oooother” thing.

At the beginning of the semester some girl in my Italian class did the exact same thing, taking a call right in class in the middle of the lecture.

She and we were then treated to a lesson on I Telefoni Cellulari Non Si Utilizano Nella Classe D’Italiano, or Don’t Piss Ms. Picciano Off.