Turn off the cell phone!

Ok, I know, you have to be in constant contact…I mean, God forbid you should be out of contact for even an hour. But really, you’re in CHURCH! If you must have it on, then at least put it on silent so that it doesn’t disturb the rest of us. And if you must take the call(during the hour long service…to which you came late and left early anyway), then step outside. We don’t want to hear you jabber. Oh, and what you need to pick up at the grocery store does not constitute an emergency.

Oh, no, not again.
I posted to this thread:
about this very thing. What a bunch of freaking idiots.
Ok, if you’re waiting for that heart transplant, fine, but otherwise TURN IT OFF IN CHURCH, YOU INCONSIDERATE MORON!!! No one’s that damn important.

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Dang, I knew there’d been a thread about this lately… The nuns would make me write it 500 times.

I will not post without searching
I will not post without searching
Ok, that’s enough, I hope.

Kinsey, this being Palm Sunday, we were in the middle of the Passion when the thing rang. It was just before the congregation says “Crucify him! Crucify him!”. Ugh…one of my favorite Masses of the year too. Bah.

Hehehe…right before Crucify him? Kind of ironic, don’t you think?

Of course the cell phone was kept on during church – what if it was Jesus calling?

This girl, in the middle of Italian class once, ANSWERED her telephone. This is a SMALL class, mind you. But we were treated to the spectacle of Prof.ssa Picciano roaring, “NON si utilizzano i telefoni cellulari nella CLASSE D’ITALIANO!!!”

Well hell!

The site I stumbled onto a while ago and posted here is suddenly appropriate again.

I think you enjoy this. Once again, my personal favorite is Grab #3.

Really. I mean, I despise the ramant self-absorption that seems to use cell phones as a vector to penetrate every facet of modern society. But I work for a cheap company. I am required to be available 24*7 for server support. The company provides a cell phone, but (being “cost conscious” free market adherents) they buy cheap. Really cheap. As in – no vibrate setting.

I hate when my cell phone goes off during dinner or in a movie or, well, anytime really, but that’s a whole 'nuther rant. But I can’t turn it off, and my only alternative would be to abandon those few remnants of a life that I maintain. So I’m sorry. You can tell by the sheepish look on my face (well, you could see it if I didn’t have all this hair. Trust me, it’s there.) But sometimes that damn thing’s gonna ring.


I helped proctor an exam on Friday. Class of about 600, given in 3 rooms. In our room, 3 times cell phones went off. Given that it wasn’t my class, I could only glare Grampa Simpson-style and motion that they cut it short.

Spiritus Mundi, for someone in your position, I would have asked for the phone and should it go off, I’d make arrangements to somehow deal with an unfinished exam. For anyone else, a phone going off during an exam is an automatic F.

I had to endure the stupidity of cell phones in class last week when some frat brat thought that it was more important to get a call than for all of us to hear the lecture.

Bad enough this fuckwad the session before thought it was more important to discuss fraternity and sorority intrigues rather than listen to the professor discuss the syllabus.

Some people just need to be whacked with a clue by four between the eyes until they can be considerate to those around them.

I find cell phones rude.

I played raquetball last week with a friend, and he brought his cell phone. He made a call between each game. I nearly strangled him. Whatever it is, the call can wait for an hour!!!

I’m so tired of these people talking on cell phones when they are driving. You know, the kind that don’t start dialing until they pull out of their parking spaces. I was always told to pay attention to the road.

:::smacking Lsura’a hands with a ruler:::
Say 10 Hail Searches and it will be okay. :wink:

Not an attack on Spiritus…
My gripe is with the whole mindset that one must always be in constant contact. What would you have done 15-20 years ago? Okay, I know that’s a weak arguement, but really, think about it. What did we do years ago, before cell phones, fax machines, Palm Pilots and the like?
Fine, we can take advantage of new technology, but some people (Not you, Spiritus) think the world will end if they can’t get that call or fax “Right Now”!!! They’re the same people who scream at the microwave, “Hurry up!”
And of course, it is a different story when it’s for work. I know some people need them for work; it’s the people who just chatter on about inane stuff that bug me. “So, what’s up? Do we need milk? Did you see So-and-So today?”
Disclaimer: I have a cell phone and do use it, however, 9 times out of 10, it’s my hubby calling to ask such earth-shattering questions as, “Whatcha doin’, honey?”

Well, that would startle me, too. Um. When you think about it.

I’m glad I’m not a Christian or I’d be hell-bound for sure.

I love that site! I can’t believe the people who got their phones stolen ran after the culprits. If two guys in huge telephone suits ran up and swiped my phone from me, I’d probably piss my pants laughing. I know it’s wrong, but I still think it’s damned funny.


I was at the movie “Blow” on Friday. Piece of crap, but that’s another rant.

Six (6!!!) cell phones went off during the show. Let’s do the math, shall we? The movie was two hours long. That means a call every twenty minutes. I agree with Kinsey, only I’d put it a little stronger: What the fuck is so Goddamn important?!? Were there six trauma surgeons in my theatre? Was there a horrible accident at the factory? Apparently not - nobody rushed out after getting their call.

I was chained to a pager 24/7 for three-and-a-half years, but I had enough sense to know that my job was not so important that I couldn’t be out of contact for a couple of hours. I suspect that the vast majority of cell slaves are the same. What can possibly go wrong if you don’t answer the phone? Don’t you have voice mail? Shouldn’t you have made alternate arrangements in case you couldn’t be contacted? (What if you got hit by a bus on the way to the theatre?) If a call is so time-sensitive that you have to take it immediately, doesn’t that mean you should be somewhere way more important than a movie theatre? Grow a life!

Thanks, Zette. I’m glad a few people out there can see the humor in things. I’m a proud and conscientious cell phone user, but I laughed when I first saw those clips. Surprisingly, when I started a thread about that site about a month or two ago, quite a few posters came in to bitch at me for linking to it. They thought it was awful. Oh well.


You don’t see the connection between being in a movie theatre watching ’Blow’, and having a bunch of cell phones go off?

Think about it.

And no, I doubt the calls were for heart surgeons.

There’s a girl on the front row in my Physics class (150 people) who always carries a cell phone. For some reason, she always forgets that she has turned the phone on, so when it rings during class it usually takes her over a minute or so to figure out that it’s her phone ringing. Usually the professor ignores it, but recently it rang for nearly two minutes. So the professor stopped talking, looked at the girl, and then addressed the entire class, saying:

“Guess no one’s at home, huh?”

Suddenly, the girl said “OH! It’s MY phone! Tee hee hee!” and answered it.

Better yet, they’re standing right next to you, and get pissed because your listening in. Next time it goes off lock your self in a freezer.

Oh man! My favorite rant. I HATE people that talk on cell phones while driving.I want to get a digital sign for my rear window.I could set it to display some great slogans. “Hang up and DRIVE!” would be #1.

Just last month I came upon some idiot doing 45 in the fast lane.He was swerving halfway onto the shoulder or middle lane occasionally.When I got the opportunity and courage to pass him I saw that he was not only on the phone,BUT…Drinking coffee AND smoking a cigarette too!
What a Nimrod…idiocy like that deserves retribution.I’m not big on road rage but I felt a piece of me just kinda snap.I got in front of him in the same lane…and nailed my brakes…just enough to scare him.(Very few cars on the road…don’t try this at home kids) You should have seen the coffee and cell phone fly! I hope it was nice and HOT Mister White BMW 535.

Not as good as those cell-phone guys, but a few weeks ago a friend and I see this girl standing in the locker room naked talking on a cell phone. We were nice enough to leave her a towel . . .