Cell Phones: Env Touch, Chocolate Touch, Rogue?

I am in the market for a new phone, and right now I can get any of the phones listed above.

Right now, I am rockin the Moto RAZR, and I have a USB charger and a car charger for it. My question is, can any of the above phones be charged via the USB port? Do they require an “authentic” charger for the car, like Motorla does, or will they charge of my Motorola one? The RAZR charges via the USB port, there is no separate charging port for it.

Also, if you have any of these phones, what do you think? I am not going for a full-on smartphone/data plan phone because I don’t want to spend upwards f 50 per month on it, so these phones are on my list, as well as the Motorola Entice.

I like the thinness and smallness of the RAZR, and don’t want anything super bulky, so if any of these are really bulky, I need to know that, too.

I used to have the RAZR, before I got my smart phone. I loved it. Battery life was not awesome, but everything else was great.

I’m laughing here, since he already has the RAZR and was asking what to switch to. :slight_smile:
Me personally, I detested my RAZR with the fiery heat of 1,000,000 suns. It was slow, buggy, couldn’t add words to the txting dictionary, and Verizon crippled most of the cool features. I think they were less shitty on other providers, but I wanted to stomp mine to pieces after I got rid of it.

Well, he said he was “rockin” the RAZR, which is not a word I understand. I took it to mean he might be craving one.

Mine was on T-Mobile. All my friends who had T-Mo RAZRs loved them. All my friends that had Verizon RAZRs hated them. So there is certainly a difference based on carrier.

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How can you not undersatnd “rockin the RAZR”, when he says:

Why the heck would he have the USB charger and a car charger for a phone he doesn’t have? Seriously!

Especially since he asked for opinions about the ENV Touch, Chocolate Touch and Rogue (and Motorola Entice)… none of which are “Motorola RAZR”.

As I mentioned in another thread, I have the LG enV touch. I really love it. I had the HTC smartphone, which I absolutely hated until I lost it. The enV touch is soo user-friendly. I do a lot of texting to and it is wonderful to take and receive pictures that you can actually enlarge on the screen–there’s a 3 pixel camera, and video quality is pretty good for a phone. Mr. HP has a Motorola Krave that is a piece of ****. He hates it with a passion (it is touch-screen only). We had both had Razrs for years that we loved (Alltel/Verizon now).

FWIW, the staff at the VZW store has disparaged the Chocolate line for some time.

So, I went and checked them out today, and I think I am leaning toward the Chocolate touch. None of thier current phones are as thin as the RAZR, or as rugged as the W735 I had (it was tin but also had a rubberized coating). Of the touch-screen phones, the Chocolate Touch was the thinnest, because it ddn’t have a flip-out/fold-out/slide-out keyboard. It also seemed the best at recognizing touch, at least for my fingers. The music player is a bonus.

None of the phones, including the Motorola Entice, use the same USB-style charger that I have, so that evens out the playing field somewhat.

I replaced my Verizon KRAZR with the Verizon Env Touch several months ago. I am very happy with it, though I am not a “power user.” I don’t have a collection of apps, need to add words to my texting dictionary, etc. I do occasional texting but not as a primary means of communication. I have Family Locator.

The USB port doubles for data and charging, but I do not know if it will allow itself to be charged on a PC connection (it comes with a wall wart with a USB plug).

It takes a micro SD card, so I can easily move images/videos/audio back and forth to my PC. However, it is still a bit of a runaround to load my own ring tones–even if the sound file is on the phone, I have to send myself a text message with the sound file, then accept that as a ring tone.

I would not call it “super bulky.” The phone is bigger than the RAZR or KRAZR, but then again it is a completely different phone. The RAZR doesn’t have a full keyboard, touch screen, two fully functional screens, etc.

You didn’t mention it, but I have an EnV3 and I love it. It does have the USB charger (well, the phone-end doesn’t look USB to me, but the other end of the cable is USB). It has a microSD slot. The audio quality is very good - I had a Motorola phone for a few months and got this instead because I couldn’t hear or be heard on the Motorola. It’s got a good camera and it flips open to the qwerty keyboard. Love it!