Tell me about your RAZR/KRAZR phone.

I have Verizon’s “new every 2” deal, and for the past month I’ve been eligible for $100 towards a new phone. On Saturday I went to the Verizon store to see if there was anything new that I like more than my current phone, and the only thing that caught my eye was the KRAZR – but on one of the display models, the keypad overlay had started to rip! That, of course, makes me wonder about their durability: I know that display models get treated roughly, but I’m not paying $250 (after the $100 credit) for a phone if its keypad is going to look like crap in less than two years.

So, anyone here have a KRAZR or a RAZR? How long have you had it? Is the keypad still in good shape? What do you think of it in general? Would you recommend it to someone else?

FWIW, my cell phone is my only phone – I haven’t had a land line in almost 2 years – but I don’t use it very often. I do, however, see an increased amount of text messaging in my immediate future, so keypad durability is important.

The RAZR that Verizon offers sucks. Both my parents got one - the battery life is below-average, and the audio quality is terrible.

I don’t know about the KRZR, but as my Motorola V710 also sucks, I have decided to avoid Motorola products for the moment.

Friends with Cingular have made no such complaints about their RAZRs.

Dunno how the Verizon version might be different, but my Cingular RAZR has served me well. It’s been around long enough that I’m surprised they’re charging for it - I was at a Cingular shop a few months ago, and they were offering free RAZRs to new customers.

I don’t recommend trying to duplicate this, but my RAZR went through the laundry several months ago with no ill effects other than some mineral deposits between the main display and its window in the phone’s body. I’ve had it for a year and a half and still get about six days of mostly standby time between chargings on the original battery.

I’ve got the Verizon KRZR and I absolutely love it. I get compliments on it all the time. I’ve had it for about 4 months and it still looks almost new… definitely durable and stays relatively scratch free, despite that high-gloss finish. I don’t have a case for it or anything… I just toss it in my pocket, but I try to be careful to throw it in the opposite pocket as my keys.

Like Absolute mentioned, the RAZR on Verizon sucks and so does the 710 (although I had and loved the 815). Motorola is kind of hit-and-miss with their Verizon phones, but I think the KRZR was a hit.

Battery life is decent, but not as good as my 815 was. I charge it about every other night and that keeps my battery from dying.

It’s got a ton of features so it can grow with you. Plus it’s one of Verizon’s only phones that images can be transferred via Bluetooth! Weird that they enabled that, but still kind of cool.

Anyway, I like it better than the RAZR because it’s longer, so it feels more natural when you’re talking on it. I do wish the keypad was a little bigger since I text quite a bit, but I’ve gotten used to it. That’s my only complaint about it.

But $250 AFTER rebate? I’d re-check that price and make sure you’re at a CORPORATE store instead of a reseller. Like I said, I bought mine the week it was released with my new-every-two, and I paid $150 BEFORE a $50 rebate. Definitely check that price.

I’ve had a Cingular RAZR for almost a year. I’ve been very happy with it. My favorite feature? The size and weight. It’s fits nicely in the front pocket of my Levis such that I can’t even tell that it’s there. I haven’t had a single problem but I don’t use even a third of the capabilities.

Warning: the Cingular store near my house stopped selling all Motorola products because too many of them were breaking and had to be returned.

It was a corporate store (and it’s where I got my current phone/plan), but you’re right that it probably won’t actually cost that much: the retail price listed next to the phone was $350, but I wasn’t ready to talk to a salesman yet so I’m using $250 as a “no more than” price. :slight_smile: I’ll most likely go look at it again before making any final decisions, and will find out the actual cost then.

You mentioned wishing that the keypad were bigger, but does it feel at all “fragile” when you text? Are you happy with the feel of texting/dialing on it?

I’ve got the Cingular RAZR and it’s been really great. A friend has the Verizon one and I can’t speak to it durability wise, but many of the features have been intentionally crippled by Verizon (Bluetooth, for one).

Incidentally, when my 2 year contract was up with Cingular, I called them and threatened to change services unless they gave me a reason to stay (such as a great deal on a new phone). Had to try this several times with several different reps, but the 3rd time it worked. They gave me and my partner (family plan) 2 RAZRs for $49.99 each in addition to a free month of service.

Phone companies have a lot of room for discounts, you just have to ask and be persistent.

I like the size of the keyboard and it doesn’t feel fragile to me. I send maybe ten texts a month, if that, so I am not putting it through all that much use.

To me, the most annoying thing about the Razr is that it’s hard to sandwich between your shoulder and ear while talking, so that you don’t have to hold it. It’s very thin, and somehow more slippery than other phones I’ve used, and it just squirts away.

Yeah, you’d actually get $100 off the promotional price, not the retail price. So you’d probably get exactly the same deal I did… $150 out the door and a $50 mail in rebate.

No, the keypad doesn’t feel fragile at all. It does take some getting used to since they aren’t the “standard” type of physical buttons, but there’s raised rubber between them making it easy to tell where your finger is at. I do almost all my dialing from my contact list, so I can’t say much about the dialing, especially with 1 hand while driving or something. The keypad took a little getting used to, but now with 2 handed texting and the fantastic predictive text, it’s fine. I send maybe 15 per day, and haven’t noticed any wear on the keypad.

Also, while Jayrot has good intentions, the similarities between Cingular and Verizon are slim and none… Cingular uses GSM and Verizon CDMA. So the Cingular version of the phone will be smaller and have better battery life, simply due to the nature of GSM. Also the Cingular version uses software developed by Motorola, and the Verizon version uses Verizon software to match the rest of their phones, so even though they look the same they operate totally differently.

Also Verizon is not in the habit of giving deals for any purpose, and threatening to leave if you don’t get a better deal will get you exactly what you asked for… a contract termination fee and a chance to move to whatever carrier you want. I used to sell Verizon phones and we were simply not allowed to give deals or discounts. Occassionally you can get a retention deal, but those are only if you’re out of contract and have been an EXCELLENT customer, otherwise you’re SOL.

I have Verizon’s KRZR, and I like it. I text a LOT, and so far the keypad has held up fine (5 months or so), although it does seem to be a little small. I end up hitting the wrong key often (and that didn’t happen with my last phone). But the feel is good. It’s got the flat keys like the RAZR, but thin rubber lines in between that help you feel where you are.

It’s nicely customizable, you can set what some of the buttons link to. The camera has decent quality for phone, and I even figured out how to import my own ringtones from regular MP3s (Darth Vader breathing for the ring, R2D2 beeping for new messages/texts).

Like others have said, $250 after rebate is way too high. I think I paid $70, I have the “New every 2” plan too. It’s a good phone if you can get an acceptable price.

I have a RAZR through T-Mobile and if you have smallish hands like me it isn’t comfortable to hold for very long - I often set it down and use the speakerphone feature instead of holding it. But, I’d rather have a narrower phone to tell you the truth. I rarely text and dial off my phone book so buttons aren’t an issue for me. I love the bluetooth, but the battery is very short lived.

Funny this thread should pop up … I’m in the midst of trading up from a RAZR to a KRZR on Cingular. The KRZRs were going for ridiculous prices ($400 to $500 on eBay) a few months back because they weren’t “officially” released but now that they’re starting to trickle in and I’m keen on the design, I am trying to hunt one down for purchase. Even my buddy who works at the Cingular store is having trouble getting them in and keeping them in stock. One store I called sold five of them in about an hour. :eek:

My RAZR has served me well for the past year and a half. No problems, but the battery is on its last leg and no longer holding a reliable charge … says it’s fully charged and stays that way on standby, but will quickly reach Low Battery status after even a half-hour of talk time … so rather than get a $30-$40 battery I figured I’d get the next big thing. The new blue KRZR has a much better 2-megapixel camera so that’s a big step up from the original RAZR’s .3-megapixel excuse for a camera. I plan on paying around $150 for it after rebate and contract extension. Like GilaB said though, these phones are not hands-free friendly because it’s like trying to hold a Post-it notepad between your head and shoulder. You either have to raise your arm and shoulder way up or crane your neck down at a 90-degree angle, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles when you get such a thin phone. :slight_smile:

I got my wife has a pink Verizon RAZR for Mother’s Day (she had asked for it), and it sucked. Lousy battery life, hard-to-use buttons, and not very durable.

For whatever reason, she just couldn’t hold on to the phone, and was always dropping it.

She dropped it once, and it took out the camera. Then she dropped it into a footbath at her salon, and that was it. We replaced it with an LG phone.

I love my Cingular RAZR. Long battery life, and even with the armor it is the thinnest phone I’ve owned.

That is something I always test on phones now, the tendency to drop. There are some phones, for whatever reason, that are predisposed to leap from my hand like a bar of wet soap. Others, I could do a gymnastics floor routine and know I’ll still be holding it at the end.

I get strange looks when I hold a phone in the store and pose and posteur like I’m in a Madonna video, all to test the phone’s slipperiness factor.

If y’all would stop waxing your phones… :smiley:

I’ve never found my black RAZR to be slippery. Perhaps different finishes/colors have different textures?

What are the differences between the RAZR and the KRAZR other than the better camera which was already mentioned? The pictures that I saw on the web page of the KRAZR looks almost the same as the RAZR.

The KRAZR is narrower than the RAZR, and (it seems) a little longer. I was never crazy about the design of the RAZR, other than how thin it is, but I really like the KRAZR. As for what the KRAZR can do that the RAZR can’t, I have no idea.

My wife had a RAZR and had problems with it from day one. Random lockups where the screen would freeze and pressing keys had no effect. Had to remove and reinsert the battery to bring it back to life.

She took it back and exchanged it. The replacement did exactly the same thing. She took that one back and exchanged it for an LG phone, which has worked flawlessly so far.

I’ve since talked to other people who had similar issues with their RAZRs, and noticed a lot of message boards filled with similar complaints. I think it’s a stylish phone, and if you luck into getting one that’s not defective, great. But I think they have widespread design/manufacturing defects that Motorola doesn’t want to acknowledge and I would never buy one for myself.