Cellular Booster for vehicle use

I am looking for a signal booster for cellular and wi fi , for use in a vehicle. It seems we live in a bad reception area, and some of the outlying areas that we are called to work in are also poor reception areas. We use gps mapping to find some locations (Google Maps), and also the internet. i’ve seen some signal boosters on the market that were designed for indoor(stationary) installation these looked complicated and needed to be Hard wired and had large (antennae?), i need something that can be easily installed in a vehicle.

Verizon sells a device that is a cradle that your phone sits in. It has a small antenna that can be placed on the roof of your car and plugs into a lighter socket. We used it to boost a stationary MiFi unit. It did help. It wasn’t fantastic.

Wilson Amplifiers is one of the major manufacturers (although pricy)

I’ve seen suggestions to call their technical support people.

Wilson is the brand of my device.

It appears that website is for a distributor, but this one is for the manufacturer itself.

Actually if you wanted to buy a product Amazon, eBay, Walmart… could well be cheaper–as often a manufacturer doesn’t want to undercut his retailers on prices. You can check Amazon for customer reviews of various products.

In Britain Solwise sell a lot of different appliances for all such things, and another at random.

They all seem highly expensive; but I’d imagine it might give you a few search terms to google in America, where in any case they would be cheaper.

Poynting Outdoor Vehicle ‘Puck’ Roof Mount Antenna

That sounds vaguely amusing.

Do cell phones even have external antenna connections anymore?

I didnt think they did?

Most cellular boosters nowadays simply repeat the transmission inside to outside and vice versa. I saw one discussed, and the phone company (who would rather sell us a multi-thousand dollar solution) suggested the problem was interfering with transmissions. Our application was for boosting the signal inside a concrete building basement.

So if the signal is marginal, it may actually help. If there’s no signal, not going to make one. If you are too close to the tower, there may be issues?