Celtic vs Blackburn (spoilers)

How are Blackburn not winning? I haven’t seen such assured passing and movement in a while (and I don’t even like Graeme Souness).

Celtic fans, what’s your view? Lots of passion but unable to play the same game tonight, IMHO.

How are Blackburn not winning? Pure luck, on our part.

Well, a somewhat better second half for us. At least we’re still in it, although we’re going to have to do a lot better than that in the return leg. I don’t fancy our chances to be honest.

Lambert needs to be dropped and the sooner the better, I can’t remember a game he’s played well in this season. And WTF did Lennon get MOTM for? He was slower than a frigging refrigerator for most of the game!

The worst part of it was the Blackburn fans outsinging us toward the end (before the goal, obviously). That simply does not happen at Celtic Park at European games. It’s shameful, really.

sigh starting to reluctantly agree with those who would have us move to England …

Wow. All credit to Celtic, if you don’t stop trying there’s always the chance of snatching a goal. What an undeserved scoreline, though.

I expect Celtic will be better in the second leg, and Blackburn will be feeling the pressure. Should make for a good game.

If that was Blackburn on their best game, the return leg will be very, very interesting indeed.

Is this something that a lot of Celtic (and, for that matter, Rangers) fans want? I always assumed it was driven by greedy businessmen, as with the Wimbledon move.

I am blessedly insulated from Rangers supporters but yes, the overwhelming majority of Celtic fans do want the move. Wouldn’t you get bored having to play the likes of Kilmarnock every week?

Could we swap you for Wigan Athletic?

I’d prefer a swap for Millwall actually, just to prevent us ever having to play them.