Cenk Uygur and Reza Aslan on the cult of Trumpism

This is a 4-minute snippet from a longer interview, and well worth a listen.

In short, most of the Trumpists also call themselves Christians, and there is nothing Christian about any of this.

Same was true of Bush 1 and 2 , they did a lot of non Christian stuff too.

Who’s going to be first with the Gandhi quote?

A lot of these people would vote for a Hitler/Charles Manson ticket if they were anti abortion. Just this week they had no problem voting for a child molestor.

I don’t remember Bush worship. I definitely remember Reagan worship. :rolleyes:

It all pales in comparison to Trump worship. :confused:

There’s a BIIIIIIIG difference between respecting the presidency and, well, this.

True, or even just Republican.

This item really drives the point of why I stopped following organized religion and ultimately became an Agnostic/Deist.

The issue isn’t religion, it is authoritarianism. People who score high on authoritarianism, also called right wing authoritarianism, tend to adopt religious fundamentalism. In fact I’ve heard religious fundamentalism referred to as the official spiritual belief of authoritarianism.

There are Christians who are decent people like Jimmy Carter. It’s more that people who score high on authoritarian personality traits tend to be fundamentalist and also support very draconian, regressive, unequal social policies. People who score high on authoritarianism in a secular nation (like the ussr) become hard headed defenders of communism. Authoritarianism is more about supporting the status quo and hostility to equality and outsiders than religion or economic policy. That is why Trump won despite (on the campaign) being hostile to traditional gop economics. Trump was anti trade, pro safety net, etc. He was also an obvious secularist who didn’t give a damn about morality. his votes didn’t care about that. They just liked his hostility towards outgroups and his calls for rabid aggression towards all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Fwiw, I personally believe the rise of Islamic extremism overseas is also an authoritarian movement, just like the resurgence of white nationalism in the west is an authoritarian movement.

Opportunism and fake virtue don’t constitute a cult but I guess whatever makes you feel better. Imagine thinking Christianity is compatible with capitalism, but not Trumpism.

Let’s make an Altemeyer cult.

But yeah, just look at how so many of the new atheists turned into reactionaries, and some of them independently developed some retro galaxy brain ideas like “Christianity is false but we need to pretend it’s real because it’s the foundation of Western morality, which godless leftists want to destroy.”

We can close the thread. **Wesley **nailed it.

Not quite following you – who are these “new atheists” of whom you speak?

Be the change you want to see in the thread.

New Atheism

Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, et al.


Do any of these guys believe anything close to “Christianity is false but we need to pretend it’s real because it’s the foundation of Western morality, which godless leftists want to destroy”?

The hard core trumplodyte is a person who could be cooking rat meat over an oil drum fire, look off in the distance and see a mushroom-shaped cloud rising and his last thought before the blast wave hit would be: “Hillary would have been worse.”

I don’t know. I’ll leave that in marshmallow’s hands, I was just trying to point Ulfreida in the right direction. Carry on.

Oh, them. Got it.

There is nothing that reveals the puritanical nature of progressivism more clearly than when, without any self-awareness whatsoever, they make judgements about “how Christian” a group of actual Christians is. The most Christian characteristic of all being the tendency to judge the Christianity of other sects.

Yeah. I mean look at the holy roller Bolsheviks and contrast them with the warrior Menonites.

I feel like the general consensus in the United States is that Jesus was a peace loving, socialist, forgiving hippie.

I always find it strange that his religion is considered to be closer in values to the hawkish, capitalist, punitive political party.