Trump is an atheist.

There are plenty of Christians who show as little knowledge of the Bible as he does. There are also plenty of Christians who have sinned as he has. And I can’t know what he thinks about religion, so it’s just a hunch. I think he’s an atheist. What do you think?

I cannot imagine Trump thinking that he comes in second to any other entity in the universe.

He doesn’t think deeply enough to be an atheist. He’s much too pragmatic.

Do you think he’s ever really deeply pondered “the important questions”?

I think he worships money.

An atheist believes there is no God. Trump believes that he is God.

He has no idea what he is.

I think Trump claims to be a Christian to appeal to Christian conservatives. I don’t know what, if anything, he actually believes, but I’d bet that he’s read as much Bible as he has Constitution.

This. He’s not smart enough to be an atheist.

To be agnostic or atheist (or theist, for that matter) is to be interested enough in the subject to reflect on what you believe. I see no indication that Trump meets the entry-level criteria for believing in anything at all. A delightful word is ‘apatheist’ but I’m not sure it applies to somebody who is utterly incurious about anything except himself.

Do you mean all the parts in either that mention him by name?

He worships the Almighty Dollar.

Trump is an apatheticist.

Doesn’t matter. He’s the instrument of God, sent directly from Heaven to scour God’s most favoritest country ever of the brown people, and that’s what counts. Or something like that.

I would say he is ‘areligious’ and firmly on the side of the religious ‘Nones.’ I would guess that if you gave him the Pew Forum survey he would be that nebulous group that doesn’t actually check the atheist box, but firmly on the ‘nothing in particular’ spectrum. As far as I can tell only one of his children was ever baptized - Barron who was done so at an Episcopal Church. He’s obviously not a practicing anything since he doesn’t have even the vaguest familiarity with Christian thought (“Two Corinthians” is such a completely ludicrous thing for any Christian to say as to firmly mark him as a complete non-practicer and to double down on it makes it even more obvious that he doesn’t have a clue.) Melania is similarly difficult to peg, but claims to be a Catholic, although there is little evidence she is particularly devout, but it does seem likely that she at least had some catechism or other familiarity with Catholicism since she has been filmed saying the Lord’s Prayer in the Catholic manner and she apparently was the only one of Trump’s wives to get her kid baptized. I think that it’s not unreasonable to guess she’s what might be called a ‘CE (Christmas-Easter) Catholic.’

I actually had someone tell me the other day that the “trumpets” mentioned in the book of Revelation have something to do with Trump :smack:


In terms of practice, his little Apostle’s Creed flap indicates, to me, that Trump considers himself a visitor at church services, not a member or a participant. I’ve seen folks hold their programs discreetly like that at services. Since I embraced atheism, I’ve been known to do it myself. Nothing wrong with that, but it should be owned up to.

I wouldn’t classify Trump as an atheist - that takes some conviction and implies some thoughtful consideration of the matter. Practically speaking, he’s a “none”. He may have had nominal membership in a Presbyterian congregation in New York, but I doubt he ever really thought about it prior to entering politics. Perhaps he still has not.

No I don’t believe he is an atheist. To be that requires deep thought and the ability to question yourself. He has shown no capacity for that. He is too stupid to be an atheist.

WTH? That is about the dumbest thing I ever heard. You shouldn’t stand too close to that person, lightening is sure to strike.

I do want to comment that I don’t know why you have to be some deep philosophical thinker to be an atheist. Maybe in the individual cases of the posters on this thread it came as some deeply moving personal investment, but for other people saying there is no God is as easy as farting. You don’t have to be some academic philosopher to not believe in God any more than you have to be a deep philosopher TO believe in God. Not everyone has “Dark Nights of the Soul.” Trump strikes me as the kind of person who certainly could be an atheist just because he woke up one morning and decided he was.

It’s not this drastic.
You just have to be deeper than Trump. The smallest amount of introspection and thought.