Who is the least religious of the candidates?

It seems publically expressing one’s religious beliefs is a hard requirement of any candidate. I can usually get past it, but listening to Cruz and Rubio fellating the evangelicals is a turn-off for me. While all candidates play this card on both sides, I got to thinking who does this the least?

It would be nice if someone affirmed support for secular government, regardless of their own religion, but I know that is a long shot. As is courting the “unaffiliated” voting block.

Very good question. I wish I knew the answer. My gut feeling is Clinton, Sanders or Trump.

Probably Sanders. Why, that dude’s not even a Christian!

Agree - at least he doesn’t get all meshugenah about it, altho he has mentioned it on occasion. Considering the pull of the evangelicals, it’s probably not something he should play-up anyway.

I’d bet Trump. I can’t imagine he has one religious bone in his body. With Clinton, it’s hard to tell the difference between what she believes, and what she does for appearances. I’m not sure even she knows.

None of my business.


Not sure about his personal beliefs but Rand Paul, with his libertarian leanings, would be most likely to not use religious views for policy.

Carson. Someday he’ll peel back his human skin to reveal his robotic interior after his programming fails.

More seriously, I don’t think Clinton or Trump are particularly religious, not sure if Rubio or Paul or Fiorina care that much about it. But really, wouldn’t it be nice if nobody gave a rat’s ass what faith, if any, a candidate professes?

TRUMP-which is one more reason it’s fascinating that the atheists of the Dope aren’t shilling more for him in order to break the grip of the Christian Right on the GOP.

There ARE worse things than being a Christian, though at the moment I’m not coming up with any. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage. Which might be due to secular reasons, but generally not.

Atheists understand we only have the life here on Earth. Why would a rational atheist want to entrust the most powerful position in the world to a fucking whack-a-doo?

He’s quite outspoken about his religious beliefs and how they influence his ideas about public policy. He might lean a wee bit libertarian on a few things, but not much. Plus he’s probably learned his lesson that he can’t get TOO libertarian about social issues or he’ll alienate too large a segment of the Republican base.

I WANT the GOP in the grip of the Christian Right. That party needs to stop existing.

Well, PRETENDING to be a devout christian may be one of the few things worse than actually being one.

Although I believe the Christian Right (and religion in general) is more of a threat than the Socialist Left, religion is not the only issue. A Trump presidency would terrify the bejesus out of me.

Not much of a Jew, either. Amanda Marcotte writes: The popularity of Bernie Sanders speaks volumes about Americans’ rejection of organized religion.

Bernie may reject organized religion, and not like to be labeled as a Jew, but he is spiritual.

Trump seems to worship himself, money, and status as opposed to any higher power, no matter what he says about being a Christian.

Rand Paul is still his father’s son, and quotes Jesus when it comes to being anti-war.

Clinton is a shape shifting alien, so…whatever they believe in.

If you want to put a label on it, that would fit with both Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as Sikhism and the mystical schools of the western religions (Christian Mysticism, Kabbalah and Sufism). So apparently, he’s a Mystic!

May he achieve self-liberation in this life time for the benefit of all sentient beings. :wink: