GOP, (god's own party) people of faith & exclusivity

As if election years aren’t bad enough already, the GOP’s “people of faith” are trying to out-do each other in a race to see who is most righteous.

Here’s Carly Fiorina, serial liar and crappy businesswoman, preaching about how people of faith make better leaders:

Jeb Bush:

Ted Cruz:

Ben “we get to decide that we are a Judeo Christian nation” Carson:

That’s just a sampling.

Just once, I’d like to hear one of the debate moderators ask Fiorina, et. al. if “people of faith” include Wiccans, those who practice Shinto, Buddhists, voodoo, Santeria, the first church of Satan, and so on. They all have faith, don’t they?

Maybe you put your faith in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Isn’t your faith just as good as anyone else’s?

Back to the presidential hopefuls, ever notice how the one who preach the most about being Jesus-y are also the ones who favor waterboarding and other torture, warmongering, and gun love?

Weak rant, I know. Just had to get it off my chest.

Not if you are on a low carb deity program.

Your Jeb link is the same as your Carly link. I’ve now lost faith in your linking ability. :slight_smile:

I do love your description of Carly, though. Sweet and to the point!!

I looked at your link about Ted Cruz, but I didn’t see anything about him saying that people of faith are better leaders, or are more righteous.

Do you have a better link?


The OP was referring to Carly as saying that.

And Ted “Theodore” Cruz has very certainly been working the “I’m super righteous AF” angle in Iowa.

From the Cruz link.

And yet only 118 million votes were cast.
That 54 million can’t be right.

Well, facts and faith are kinda like matter and anti-matter, dontcha know?

And I was asking if he had a link to Cruz saying that, or the part that you didn’t highlight.

I realize this is the Pit, where accuracy is not expected in rants against the cherished bogeys of the Left, but it amuses me to point out the instances of “darn those Republicans for saying things they didn’t say”.

Sorry not really to interrupt the Two Minute Hate.


Depending on how one counts, there are 75M - 100M Evangelicals in the US. But that would include minor children, as well. If we assume children make up about 1/4 of the total, that would still be 75M, max. It’s hard to believe that 2/3 did not vote in 2012. But still, if we were to assume it was 1/3, that would still imply there could be as many as 25M non-voters of the Evangelical stripe. But of course, it’s every politicians dream to get 100% of his favorite demographic out there voting.

Note also that if we use the higher number, that includes lots of African Americans who are unlikely to vote R if they do vote.

Are you denying that Carly Fiorina said it?

The OP never claimed that Cruz said either.

Yeah, it’s an unreasonable stretch to say that OP’s comment about CF also applies to the others. It was pretty clearly a comment about CF and CF only. The general thrust of the OP’s complaint is about the GOP candidates trying to “out-righteous” each other. And that’s a pretty fair description of what is going on.

Your self-righteousness would be more justified if the current Republican political race wasn’t essentially a Two Year Hate.

Don’t distract Shodan with facts. He needs to feel appreciated.

These people are playing to the conservative and xenophobic Christians who make up a big hunk of the GOP caucus goers in Iowa. These guys are motivated and they attend. That is why we seem to be stuck with Congressman King in perpetuity (until our rural population declines enough that ol’ Steve needs votes from some population center besides Sioux City). You can’t win the Iowa Republican presidential caucus without the active participation and support of the Focus on the Family/My-God-is-bigger-than-your-God types. It is pandering plain and simple and it’s the same thing we see every presidential campaign, but it works so it’s done.

I would expect to see the same sort of thing with firearms in states south and west of here. Figure out who makes up the political base, pander, pander and stroke. I works every time.

Er, no. None of its adherents actually believe there is such a deity so that example fails, although your others are perfectly valid.




Teddy (different article/link):

Have I renewed your faith at all ?

Do people running for office in other countries carry on about their faith like ours do?

Just curious.

Maybe the Pope.