GOP, (god's own party) people of faith & exclusivity

But he doesn’t have the general population voting for him.

I was making a joke.
We need a deadpan smiley.

No, but the people who do vote for him are pretty damn religious!

I am no expert, but if you’re talking about other modern, industrialized, Western countries, I’d say “no”.

115 voters compared to about 450 citizens of the Vatican isn’t much worse for turnout than some US elections.

Of course the correlation between voters and citizens is pretty weak with many of the Cardinals not holding citizenship while many of the actual citizens can’t vote. (Where’s that deadpan smiley? :stuck_out_tongue: )

I am not a practicing Christian, but I have read the Book. And I have frequently thought and stated that Christianity would be a hell of a religion if followers read and followed the instructions printed in red letters in many of the editions of the Gospels. But I can only assume that the candidates who are publicly bragging about their own faith, and preaching war and intolerance and voting to deny basic resources for the poor and disenfranchised haven’t read the source material. The minute I hear about “Those People,” the minute that a candidate starts beating the drums of war, the minute that the Welfare Queen trope is dragged out? I dismiss the candidate as a god dammed hypocrite, bent upon taking office, to the detriment of my country.

I’m sorry, but calling yourself a Christian while refusing to serve the poor, denying rights to human beings, and waging wars of aggression is like calling yourself a vegetarian while you eat a bacon cheeseburger.

And I don’t particularly care about the private religious practices of candidates. I need to have confidence that the recipient of my vote will legislate in a manner that best serves his constituents. Worship whatever you want, on your own time. Serve your district or town or nation’s best interest while you collect your paycheck.

Deadpan for President 2016!

+one million.

And they never even notice the disconnect any more than their followers do.

To be fair, a deceased cooking utensil would probably make a better President than many of the current candidates. I mean, at least it’d be used to working with a cabinet . . .

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They don’t hold citizenship? I thought the whole reason Anthony Quinn was released from the gulag was because his elevation to cardinal made him a citizen of the Vatican (with diplomatic immunity, yet!).

Was The Shoes of the Fisherman just some kind of fairy tale, as poorly-researched as a Dan Brown novel?

Sure you’re not thinking of Godfather III: Death Comes for the Archbishop?

I’m deeply ashamed to admit that I haven’t read it…but no, being a cardinal does not automatically grant Vatican City citizenship.

And this is why I love you guys!

Not “many”… ALL!

It isn’t. It apparently was93 million.

Because it makes Baby Jesus cry.

How many of those 93m are evangelicals? More than half? Because that is Cruz’ claim.

Y’know, I’m getting pretty annoyed at all that crying.

Hope his step-father can toughen Him up, maybe teach him some carpentry or something useful.
(No politician will ever listen to him, but maybe buy a nice end table…?)