Censorship of Evolution: Two Intriguing Lamarckian Experiments

I disagree that it is not doing science. The reply that you have quoted states:

“…the experiments occupy a relatively minor place and primary sources would be quite adequate for my current needs…”

That does not mean they are unimportant. The reply that you selectively quoted from also stated:

“…It simply isn’t feasible at this point in time to consider repeating the caterpillar experiment…”

In a developing project it isn’t possible to do everything at once!. To make the statement “If the experiments are not replicated, then they and reports of them mean exactly nothing.” is truly astonishing!.

Are you sure that personal prejudice isn’t causing you to misuse your position as moderator?. Posts that are too offensive can be deleted or ignored. I felt there was still potential in some of the exchanges and am very surprised that free speech, no matter how it is rationalized, has been censored in this way.


Dude… a word of advice: if a Mod closes a thread, for whatever reasons, it doesn’t help to re-oipen it in the same forum (if at all)… although I thought your original thread was interesting, I predict that you will again be shut down…

Perhaps you should consider re-phrasing your original Q in GD (Great Debates).


Chronos is one of the coolest-headed Mods around. Lurk around here a bit and you will learn that.

As Astro said, you’re now in the wrong forum. Take your complaint to The Pit, if you wish, but I guarantee you’ll wish you hadn’t.

I agree wuth Astro, you have the makings of an intersting GD thread. Try apologizing to Chronos and posting in GD.

Hope you stick around.


From what I’ve seen here, the more common route that an inexperienced poster takes when the has a gripe with the Mods is to complain and start a pit thread. You might even say this is the dogmatic approach. Ralling against the dogma requires contrition and rational discussion.

Opening this thread helped me to express the dissatisfaction that I felt at the original thread being closed. To be honest I was a little surprised to see this one still here when I returned.

Thank you for your suggestion to re-phrasing my original post in GD, I’m thinking about it at the moment.


I tend to react to life as it happens and then move on, I have expressed my dissatisfaction and no longer have a “complaint”. On the other hand I am very intrigued by what “I guarantee you’ll wish you hadn’t” might mean - it sounds scary! (grin)

There is an attraction to reposting in GD (indeed I asked if I was in the right forum in an early reply to the other thread) but I’m not sure if it would be worthwhile. The original thread was only interesting as long as it held some potential other than the dwindling hope of locating the original sources of the experiments referred to.

My interest in evolution arose out of certain “anomalies” found in psychology. These anomalies, two characteristics of which are equilibrium and interaction with “DNA”, were occuring below the level at which trauma occured and therefore not related to “psychology” as such.

The apparent connection with “DNA”, however, led me to look at evolution to see if there was any interest in, or evidence for, an internal evolutionary mechanism based on an extension to homeostasis.

I am extremely pleased with the supporting evidence I have found so far. My website describes the mechanism and gives some of the reasons why l believe it exists but it is an ongoing project.

I have a lot more to write up but even then the arguments won’t be conclusive because it is not my intention to convince anyone in a purely logical way with all the hidden pitfalls that that may entail (e.g. a modern equivalent to “the sun rises in the east, sets in the west, therefore it revolves around the earth”).

Chronos has affected my life in a mildly negative way and I find the concept of apologizing to him for doing so rather bemusing.


My apologies to those whose contributions to the original post have had to go unanswered.

“Evolution: Two Intriguing Lamarckian Experiments”
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I’m closing this thread. This is an official warning, jorolat, don’t reopen threads if a mod has closed them, and all complaints about moderation go in the BBQ Pit. You should apologize to Chronos for reopening a thread that he’s closed.

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And, by the way, if it can’t be replicated, it ain’t scientific results.