Central Ohio Dopers

In case you have Friday, February the second free, you can hear and meet a doper at a “dope” show. That might even be a triple entendre.

Anyways, the band is The Reefers (a reference to a Sublime song). We happen to be a Sublime tribute band, go figure.

We’ve basically guaranteed that there will be a good amount of people there, we have 2 guests performing, and any doper that shows up and is not entertained will get DOUBLE their cover charge ($3 if over 21) back, from me personally.

Obviously there are very few Dopers that happen to live in the Columbus area, enjoy the music of Sublime, and might actually come to the show, but I’m hopefull.

This is not an act of desperation at all, but rather me doing my part in helping to get the word out. After the show we should have pics, vids, and sound clips to go through as well.

If you do the whole MySpace thing… we’re at http://www.myspace.com/reefersband

I’ve never met another doper IRL, maybe this will change that. Hope to see you there!

Well, I’m not a central Ohio doper, but a southern Ohio doper. If I end up with that day off, I might make the quick trip!


I won’t be in OH when you’re doing your thing, unfortunately.

I hope it goes great!

Like brendan_small, I’m a southern Ohio Doper, but I work in Dublin. I can’t do myspace at work, so I can’t see the details about your show. When and where are you performing? I have an early evening obligation in Chillicothe, so I fear I won’t be able to make it unless it’s a daytime show.

For what it’s worth, the only Doper I’ve met IRL is WordMan, when my wife and I went to see his band perform during a visit to the New York area. We had a great time, and WordMan rocks.

I’m an SE Ohio Doper who hates concerts, but consider me holding up a Bic in your honor.

Chillicothe, eh? I"m from around those parts…(In Portsmouth now due to being at Shawnee, but there is a nice little speck on the map about 30 minutes from Chillicothe I will always call home)

Sorry Dnooman, I checked the work schedule and I’ll be cooking food at the restaurant that night. Maybe next time there is a show? or maybe, mini-dopefest in Columbus anyways sometime?


Hey–if we have a Dopefest in late Feb., I might be able to come. (I’m in NY at the moment, but I’ll be back in town by Feb. 20 or so.)

D’oh! I neglected to mention the venue. Seems that might help a bit.

It’s going to be at the Scarlet and Grey Cafe http://www.scarletandgreycafe.com/
2203 N. High St. (more entendres, hehe) If you’re familiar with the OSU campus area, it’s about a block north of Lane Ave on the west side of the street. We’ll go on at about midnight, with a DJ before and after us. Our set is just shy of an hour and a half long.

We have another show scheduled for 3-2-07 at C.B.R.'s http://www.cbrbar.com/ with Stretch Lefty. 503 Front St.

I’m definitely game for a C-bus area Dopefest. Maybe we can think of a cool local venue to meet up at.