Columbus OH area Dopers

Local Doper plays in decent local show. The band we’re opening for, shares two members from the band I’m in. They went to Vegas for an “American Idol” type band show. They went through the pysch profiles and everything. The headlining band is The Johnson Brothers. They always bring a good crowd, and their show is always a blast.

We’re opening for them as a favor to the two horn players that are in both bands. We usually play a four hour gig there.

The Venue is the Park Street Tavern, almost directly Northwest from the North Market.

Since, I won’t be able to access my computer between now and then, I’m just gonna put “Doper +1” on the guest list. If any of you show up, the first ones get in free, the others pay like $5 a head I think. Hey, I need to pay rent too. :wink:

I’m the drummer for the first band (Groove Soda), I’ll be hanging out there most of the night because it’s mah birfday and all.

So, if you want, come meet, or at least look at a local Doper. Trust me, I’m not anywhere near an asshole IRL. I’m a really nice guy.

I’d bet most of my next years earnings that zero Dopers show up, but I still feel that it’s worth it to mention the opportunity. Can’t say I never tried.

Well, if things go as I suspect, I’ll just see you all online later. If anyone shows up, well, I’m gonna buy them a drink.

Have a good Saturday, Go Bucks!

You post this, of course, when I’m in Chicago. Hope someone can make it… Sounds like fun!


I’d come up if I could, but I have run all over the state this week and actually have to go to work today :frowning: