Central Valley, Ca. Dopefest-Ideas

This thread is for planning, I’ll start another thread to announce date and place.

Sacramento to Fresno is about 180 miles so do we split north/south or one big meeting in the middle. (Modesto area)
If we go with a split, I would like a Sac area Doper to handle that and I would do the south.

Of course, Dopers from out of the area are most welcome.

My input:

I live in Turlock so I’m up for either one big DopeFest or the split option.

I’m open Oct 4,25 Nov 1, 22(Sat) or any Sunday.

Well, I consider my little Bakersfield-dwelling-self a citizen of the Central Valley (as do most folks), but there is no way I’m driving the 5 hours to Modesto. I suppose I will just attend the much closer So Cal Dope Fests :p.

Diosa, the distances involved is why I cut off at Fresno.

Yeah, sorry. It’s hunting season and I’ll be out of the area every weekend through about January. Maybe in the Spring?

(Turlock’s really good for me though.)

No reason we can’t have more than one, the other areas seem to have them rather frequently.

Z.R. Test and I would be able to attend with sufficient notice on the date. Modesto would be almost embarrassingly easy, as we live there. We’re used to driving into SF to meet our other online community.

Well if any of y’all are ready to run out the door, James Randi is speaking tonight at CSU fresno. At this point only about 40 tickets have been sold so it should be a small intimate crowd.

If I had been on top of my email I would have been able to go for breakfast with the amazing one this morning.

Send me a note if you gues decide something. I haven’t been to one since I left the Bay Area.

Hell, we just (10 mos. ago) moved away from Woodlake, about 20 minutes from Visalia. Too bad…


Love to join you guys, but my schedule and transportation are both wildly unpredictable. I’ll see what happens when y’all set a time and date.

I’ll be catching Monty Python and the Holy Grail at Edwards tonight, part of their flashback features. I’m such a nerd.

One bump for the weekend and I’ll have a date and place by Monday or Tuesday.

You need to drive faster. It’s only four hours from LA to Turlock. (I drove to college there)(Yes I attended Turkey Tech) Modesto is about 15 miles further than Turlock. Figure about 3 hours to Modesto for you. Not zactly around the corner, but not five hours either.

Modesto? Uhhhhh.

I’ve just mapped it. Not too bad.

Save me a drumstick, if this turkey ever flies.

Thanks to Runner Pat for the noodge, but I’m a little behind in my mail.

I’d go to Modesto—they have a good mall. Let me know–any Sunday is fine and the rest is negotiable.