Cents of Doom

About a year ago this situation sparked my one and only pit thread which was subsequently lost. No big deal, it was only a curse. Anyway back then I never imagined that it would still be happening now a year later.

Roughly 15 months ago pennies began to appear at my front door. One at a time mind you. I’d go out for a walk or out shopping and there in front of my door was a single penny. Now although I saw them they never really registered, I mean who notices a penny? So I simply walked out and somewhere deep in my subconscious a little note was made and filed. Eventually the penny would disappear when it was either vacuumed up or picked up by my Grandmother and life went on as always.

But after a few months of this, a penny appearing every few days, the notes in my subconscious began to pile up and eventually my conscious self took notice. It was quite a puzzle trying to figure out where these pennies came from.

I live in a secure building pretty high up and you need a security key to get in. My first thought was that somehow the newspaper delivery boy was leaving them as some sort of freaky rebate. But one night in January 2002 I went out at 11:00 PM and noticed that there was no penny and when I got back at 11:30 PM there was a penny sitting there. Now my paper comes at 5 AM so that wasn’t it. It certainly wasn’t my Grandmother as she has no money whatsoever, this to prevent her from taking TheBus somewhere and forgetting how to get home. I know each and every family on my floor and not a single one of them would do this. Besides why would they continue to do it for 15 months when I made not one mention of it to them? The only people I’ve told are my sister and my mother, neither of which could possibly be involved.

I was completely befuddled by the pennies. But having watched the “Upright Citizens Brigade” I decided that I would be better off not touching them so I began kicking them down the hallway to the elevators but still they kept appearing.

And so here I am. For 15 months somebody has been placing pennies in front of my door every few days. I’ve never caught the person responsible, although as you can see I’ve come close. I can’t say as it particularly bothers me. I know it’s weird but I don’t feel like it’s anything dangerous. I have considered keeping some sort of log detailing everytime I leave and enter the apartment and noting whether or not there’s a penny there but it just doesn’t seem important enough for that.

So what do you think? How weird is this? Would you be worried? What would you do? Any advise?

“Cents of Doom”? Most people call 'em “Pennies from Heaven.”

Aren’t you a gloomy gus?

Personally i’d start a Penny Jar.

What about some kind of Web-cam setup - get 'em on film…

Yes, it’s weird, yes, I’d be concerned if I were you, even if only to find out what th’ heck’s going on, Osiris. The camera sounds like a good idea. Any of your neighbours odd enough to do this? Maybe as some kind of strange superstion thing?

Well, if I was finding them randomly strewn about then I might have a more positive view of them but when somebody picks me out to bestow a single penny on me every few days I do look upon their motivations in a dark manner.

A web-cam. Hmmm. That might be a little too much effort. But if it’s still happening next December consider it done.

Oh, and theres no way I’m touching them though.

Ice Wolf, there are about 120 apartments in my building. I know many of them and all the ones I know seem to be perfectly normal people. Most of them are elderly or retired. But you never really know, people tend to hide weirdness pretty well.

There were no pennies on Monday.

Just brainstorming here…

Its not some kind of wierd old superstition “from the old country” type thing is it? A payment to the spirits in return for safety and prosperity etc?

In which case it could be an elderly neighbour doing it because they like you and are looking out for you.

Try to take notice if they are head or tail up. Where in relation to the door frame are they placed? Centered nicely or just somewhere near the door.
Use a card to pick them up and store them in a jar.

While I haven’t kept notes I do believe they appear heads up and roughly a third of the length of the door’s hinges and about 6 inches out.



I’d be very happy if it was a superstition.

Osiris, you are not going to believe this, but about a week ago I started to post a thread asking if pennies had any special significance for anyone besides me.

My experience began in the autumn of 1989. The first three pennies were found in the same spot by a certain tree on my street on three different days within about a week’s time. When I noticed the second one, I wondered if there would be a third there the next day. And there was.

When I was growing up, a slightly strange gentleman would bicycle over about a ten mile stretch of road. He was looking for coins. My father had noticed this and, being the kind soul that he was, he tossed a few coins into the street when he would see this man coming.

My father died in July of 1989. I was very close to him and grieved hard. That fall, I had to stop teaching because of depression. One doctor suggested that I take a walk every day. It was during my first week of walking that I found the three pennies. For me, it was a gentle reminder that all was not lost forever. I still have those original three pennies.

Since then they crop up everywhere. I always find them in hotel rooms, the front steps, the floorboard of my car. On a very special occasion with my granddaughter, I found three in one day. I told her about the original three pennies and asked her to keep those three pennies to reminder her of that.

Those of you who have seen the movie Ghost can imagine how stunned I was to see pennies also used in that movie as a symbol.

On the day of the estate sale (a particularly painful time) when my mother sold her home, I was walking by the sea and had a penny wash up on my toes. It was very old and corroded. I laughed with my husband about it; he had grown used to my “pennies from heaven.” I joked with him that maybe I should have focused on larger coins and become a bit wealthier. The next day, in the same place, a corroded quarter washed up on my feet.

I could go on and on with examples. I collect the pennies that come to me and donate the money to a shelter for homeless at Thanksgiving. I always match what I find and my husband chips in too. It is a way of perpetuating my father’s compassion for others.

Could it be a coincidence? Surely. But these pennies have been a comfort to me for all of these years. I hope that you will find your own good meaning in what is happening to you.

If nothing else, I will send you the address of the homeless shelter.:slight_smile:

To: Osiris
From: Waikiki Lottery Commision

Dear Osiris:

Just a note to inform you that we’ve finally finished processing your winning lottery ticket and have begun your 20 annual payouts.

We had finished calculating all of the state, federal, and local taxes you need to pay. These will be deducted from the winning amount and the remainder will be delivered to your door, in cash, every few days.


Mr. Welby Welberton
Waikiki Lottery Commision

Fascinating Zoe. The only thing I’ve ever heard about pennies was “See a penny, pick it up, and all day you’ll have good luck.” Which I heard in B. J. Moose’s poetry corner. But even if I saved all the pennies they wouldn’t add to much. The every few day pace of last winter slowed down considerably over the summer and it was only due to a recent increase in the frequency that made me think about seeing what the dopers though. Probably at the most $1.50.

Dear Mr. Welby Welberton

I am looking forward to receiving my winnings. Unfortunately due to a recent coup in my building I am unable to get to my apartment to pick up my cash settlement. But perhaps we can work this to our mutual advantage. The managers of my building have made it clear that if given a small entrance fee they would let me enter. If you can provide that entrance fee I would gladly share with you my cash winnings.

Osiris Welberson