certain strange people

A long time ago I saw navy or black bomber jacketted dye black hair combover black-contacts-in-their-eyes people driving black buick grand nationals. This was not the beginning of the problem and not the end. But it was the most reportable or easy to describe. Many things later happened to me that endangered my life and slandered my character. Excuses were made by many authorities, and I never got justice, but did leave to a safer area. Who are these people exactly?

Seriously? You don’t know?

Are you sure they weren’t riding motorcycles?

They are MIB

[Moderator Hat ON]


[Moderator Hat OFF]

Venus is often mistaken for a UFO…

Why is this a problem?

it’s the combover.

andy1, “If you can’t afford your medication, AstraZeneca may be able to help.” Maybe Seroquel?

Where they the Nihilists?

They are sent from the future to find you. Your existence poses a great threat to the continued existence of the world. Their job is isolate that threat and neutralize it. This messageboard is actually a front for an undercover group that is working for the purity of the timeline. Whether you will destroy humanity or not is irrelevant to us. We fight against the blackeyes because they refuse to respect the sanctity of Time.

How about you tell us who you think they are?


What is MIB?

My life is not funny, however I do get that quips make you look way smarter than you are.

I am posting it here, ha ha, and you are funny, because it occured.

Just because a life doesn’t happen to you , does not mean it is false.

For example, you are not Brittney Spears, so is she real?

What should I be saying here, that you are all smart? Quips are a good way to get false intelligence points, but they only work on the popular girls.

Thanks for the funny behavior. Really I guess you have nothing else to say.

Men In Black

I am absolutely serious. You need to seek help. You are showing signs of a serious medical disorder that affects your perception of the world around you.

Now, that…is a very good question…!

Oh, well that was smart. How do you know andy1 isn’t a blackeye? He could have posted that as a too-obvious lure to see who knows about them and, of those, who is against them, and now you’ve just told him exactly what he wants to know, blowing all of our covers in the process.

Think, man!