Certificate to log me onto my network?

Okay, I just got a new (used) computer to drop my hard drive into (see this thread), and I’m back up and running. I’m even on line on my home wireless network. However…

In the toolbar in the lower right-hand corner, there’s a little icon for displaying my wireless network connection status. There are two anomalous things I’d like to ask about One of them is that it calls itself out as “Wireless Network Connection 4.” I have no idea why. The other odd thing is that there’s a little yellow dot moving back and forth under the icon, and it evidently is notifying me that my Status is “Validating Identity.”

Periodically, I’ll get a little pop-up warning that “Windows cannot find a certificate” to log me onto the network. This is not something I have encountered before in the seven years I have used this DSL connection and wireless router.

It’s not preventing me from doing anything on the internet that I have done in the past, but it is a little disconcerting. Can anyone tell me what this means, and how I can make it stop?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I have seen this on laptops when using the WiFi connection. Does not show up when using the LAN port.

Never have seen it on a desktop PC. Even when using WiFi as the primary connection.

I only use WiFi for laptops & smart phones.

look for a tab in your wireless network settings called authentication, there is a checkbox there for 801.XXX authentication uncheck that box.

Perfect. Thank you very much.