Cervaise, this is all YOUR fault!

It all started in this post in the resume thread.

I had seen the occasional lolcat and not found it particularly amusing. I liked the Schroedinger one, but that was about it.

I saw that post and I went :rolleyes: Oh, no, not more lolcats. Fine. Let’s see what the big fuss is. And went off and googled them.

Of course I found the site “I CAN HAZ CHZBRGER?” or however they spell it. I started reading it.

And reading it.

And reading it.

Two days later I’ve been through about 20 pages of it. I have it bookmarked at home. I have favorites. I posted one on my LJ. I haven’t left comments yet but I’m sure that’s coming.

So damn you, Cervaise. Damn you right to hell for making me like these infernal hellcats!

It’s…actually Icanhascheezburger.com.

Yeah, I found it. And I’m a cute kitty addict.

I’m not sure I get it.

That’s because you’ve never ridden an invisible bike before.

Love 'em. If that makes me a mental defective (as some seem to think) then so be it. Well, I don’t love all of 'em, but most of 'em make me at least smile. But everyone knows I’m a cat-freak.

I love that site so much, I’m almost going to have to turn in my Macho Guy Membership card.

Here, I made a few. Feel free to keep them if you like them.

Baxter got caught.

Junebug’s cookie.

Zyll was hungry.

Zyll was fiending (same pic as above, different caption.)

Found pic, captioned. If anyone can credit this image, please let me know because it had no details when I found it.

Boredom’s a terrible thing.

I’m a fan too. I know, it’s stupid, but I can’t help it.

I just found this site the other day. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in my shame.

My Fav so far.

I made one of Bitey.

ETA: **Merneith **I love that one - my Inlaws have an obnoxious set of chihuahuas so I have a particular fondness for that one. That cat looks eeeevil!

I love that site! And lolcats are everywhere now. I even found a good one on the front page of an eBay yarn seller’s store.

I has so much lurv for teh lolcats. I is just hapee I yam not tawkin lik dem yet.

Oh wayt…

My previous thread.


Yeah, that was the thread where I had barely run across them but a few, and hadn’t much familiarity with them.

Things have darkened since then. :smiley:

Bah. Real Men[sup]TM[/sup] love whatever fucking website they fucking want to.

Sup bitches?

Queen Bruin, your Bitey looks awesome! You should definitely send it in! I bet it would be a hit.

Achewood is another comic dealing with lolcats at the moment - It starts here and then continues here and so on. There some other stuff in between but I love Achewood and it’s all worth a look.

:slight_smile: You’re welcome.

cbawlmer has it right. They’re stupid, sometimes intensely so, but in exactly the right way. Occasionally you find a perfect gem that elicits an unexpected bark of laughter.

Like that one. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
And for those who don’t care for the phenomenon, look at it this way: It’s so hugely popular, so over-the-top ubiquitous in its 'Net penetration, that it can’t possibly last; it’ll burn out quickly and be replaced with the next stupid-funny web trend, like pictures of garden gnomes with photoshopped codpieces or something. So you’ve got weeks, or months at the most, before the fad passes and you can browse the web in peace.