Internet Addictions

So there’s a few websites that are horribly, horribly addictive to me, personally: and youtube being the worst among them. This leads me to wonder: what else is there that has that Brown Note feel to it? What other addictive websites are there, out there?

(besides this one, of course)

Scans_Daily is my other big one, although that’s more of checking it several times a day, rather than it eating up hours like TVTropes does.

This one, although now defunct,was a satirical take on lolcats and postsecret. I loved it, was gutted when they stopped posting new ones!

Funny or Die - I could spend hours there.

Fire Joe Morgan for sports stuff

Slick Deals


PostSecret, too.

Damn you for

damn you.

Now how’m’I supposed to get anything done. Like Not Always Right or The Daily WTF weren’t enough!!!

I waste way too much time at
I spend hours and hours reading these lists, thinking about them, and reading the posts about them.

It’s just awesome…Updated every day too!!!