Cessandra, is that you?

Cessandra in Houston, registered April 1999? Are you the same Cessandra who wouldn’t say a prayer at graduation? And now you have a son who’s a month old? Good to see you again!

Cessandra has a KID???

That would be the same Cessandra! Where did you see her pop up?

Sure she has a kid! She had a change of philosophy and prayed for deliverance. Her request was misinterpreted(hey, stuff happens) as “delivery” and there ya’ go.

I don’t really know Cessandra, but her current sig line is one that I’m putting up on the board where I work (I’m always looking for good, thought provoking quotes), so…

Thanks, Cessandra! and nice to meet you!

Welcome back!

Sure enough. Here she is in angels are saints? Welcome back, Cess! You’re the very first Doper I met IRL (I was beatle back then).

Hope she stays this time!
(she’s great)

I saw her in this thread. So it is her?