How did that turn out for you?

A while back I started a threadasking about the resolution of various dramas, and it seems like time to start a new one.

If you’re curious about how some Doper’s story turned out out, ask a question. Try to use the Doper’s full name, so they’ll see this thread if they vanity search. If you can provide a link for those who might have missed the original, please do.

NinetyWt, how’s your niece doing?

Trion, did your daughter ever stop sleeping in the closet?

I’m curious to find how Driver8’s Arizona / Grand Canyon road trip turned out.

Skald The Rhymer- What’s happened with Kim?

Also, what about the questioning cousin & her fundie parents?

Koeeoaddi, how is Watcher of The Skies?

Malleus, Incus, Stapes!, how did your Lubavitch friend go with integrating into public school?

Wow. It’s been a while since I looked at my subscribed threads.

Avarie537, did you manage to uninvite your brother?

dalej42, I’m hoping the freeloaders are long gone.

SenorBeef, How’d the run-in with the law play out?

And of course I’ll want to know how Serenata67’s wedding turns out, but that’s a future event.

I’m curious about how things are going with I Have Hippos In My Garden–I hope she’s doing well.

She is settling in alright, although it’s been rocky at times.

Her grades took a nose dive but I told her that I rather expected them to. What I hadn’t expected was her issue - she was suffering from what seems to be a kind of PTSD. She had insomnia & nightmares, but also suffered from concentration & memory problems. The latter made her cry, it was so frustrating for her. For example, she would try to read her assignments, but could not rememember what she had just read.

Anyway, I have talked to her about decompressing and the odd things that people go through after coming out of a traumatic experence. Also she’s been seeing a therapist, and that is helping her tremendously.

So, academically, her grades took a nose dive but now she’s beginning to get her balance and she’s doing a lot better.

She finally made some friends at school and had some kids over the other afternoon to play guitars & sing. That was a lot of fun for her.

She’s also started eating “real” food (rather than all that canned junk). I just fixed things like I always do, and encouraged her to try them, but left her alone to sample things as she got ready. This weekend I took her to the store and she helped choose some more healthy things to eat.

She has been redecorating her room. I let her pick the paint and she has finished the painting part. She wants to make a fabric border around the top; we have figured out that we can get some foam board, wrap and staple the fabric on, then hang up with not much trouble. I’m waiting until the Christmas crush to be over before venturing out to choose fabric.

She does miss her boyfriend terribly, and she will get very sad and lonely-feeling at times. There isn’t much I can do for her at those times except hug her and kind of commiserate. She has been back to visit him twice. She is saving her money right now to go again during the Christmas break. She rode the train last time and that worked out really well.

She really loves her job and being in charge of her own pocket money has already taught her a thing or two.

Her momma comes over to visit about once a week, and sometimes the two of them will go do something together. They are getting to know each other again, and I’m happy about that. She also enjoys spending time with her half-brother.

So, that’s about it. Thank you for asking!

Aargh! I’ve forgotten who the Doper was (I need to bookmark more threads) but I’m curious how things are going with the Doper’s teenage granddaughter, the one who traveled to meet an on-line boyfriend and then they moved in together. Or did they get married?

Also, from a couple of years ago, a Doper had (circumstantial) evidence that a friend’s wife was cheating with another friend. The OP was asking whether or not he should tell. The evidence was that a guy’s car was parked outside the house (overnight) when the friend was out of town.

Wasn’t that John Carter of Mars?
ETA: Found the thread!

I’m glad to hear she’s doing well. Thanks for the update.

Thanks for starting this, The Devil’s Grandmother. I’d also love to hear updates on the threads people have mentioned here.

Glad your niece is doing better, NinetyWt.

Cool – thanks! Looks like no news since August, and things weren’t going too badly. Maybe no news is good news. Or just no news. A holding pattern with those kids wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I sent a bunch of PMs to dopers mentioned in this thread, so perhaps we’ll get a few more updates.

And by the way, Least Original User Name Ever, I never got my giraffe.

Why, thank you for asking, The Devil’s Grandmother. Yes, our daughter did stop sleeping in the closet. It was only a week or so after that thread dropped out of sight that she went back into her bed. Then a while later she made another sleeping area at the foot of her bed and slept there for about a week.

More recently she took a large box, declared that she was going to decorate it as a coffin and sleep in that. She lay in it for story time, but never actually slept in it.

We’ve got a weird kid. :slight_smile:

I would like to know how Bearflag 70 made out with this little piece of drama,

Potentially socially awkward situation where we like the husband as a friend but not his wife.

The last update was back around the end of October

**Torie **- Whatever happened with your school situation?

Yeah, I did. It was horrible. After the anniversary of our brother’s death comes J’s birthday, so I had to do it before then. What a mess! He was furious and wanted to know who didn’t like him and why and of course they were the ones being unreasonable bitches and why didn’t they just say something then? Well, 'cause they didn’t want the angry drunk guy to have something to be REALLY pissed about! (Also, one year he brought his gun without telling anyone, and we were all freaked out.)

He didn’t speak to me for months … we “missed” each other at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. We didn’t see each other again until this summer when my mom’s uncle came in from California. (He has health issues so who knows how many visits we might get?) It’s kind of a stand-off now. We try not to mention the cabin trip in front of him, and don’t talk much anyway.

BTW - last year we ended up having 15 attendees, and we’ll have the same number this year. And nobody to harsh our mellow!

cmyk, how is your daughter doing? Is she still writing poetry?

I don’t know. I was under a lot of stress at the time, and I was advised to tell her that I just couldn’t handle her problems on top of my own. We haven’t spoken since. I’m still a bit weirded out by the episode.