Chalk on the sidewalk, Boo hoo hoo

First there was bad cafeteria food, then there wasn’t enough fried chicken.

Now we have chalk… on the sidewalk… okay, so it’s supporting Trump, but still, chalk on a sidewalk?

Perhaps one of the benefits of global warming is that all the special snowflakes will melt.

You could not pay me enough to be a college President and have to deal with students. Though this quote was pretty funny:

Fine, I’ll send an email, as soon as you crybabies get out of my office and let me write it!

"University President James W. Wagner…wrote that he intends to implement “immediate refinements to certain policy and procedural deficiencies, regular and structured opportunities for difficult dialogues, a formal process to institutionalize identification, review and [the] addressing of social justice opportunities and issues and a commitment to an annual retreat to renew our efforts.” "

This registers so high on the Bullshit-O-Meter that nothing Emory students have said could possibly top it.

As Justice Brandeis said, the remedy for bad chalk is more chalk.

Normally I am ambivalent to these sorts of things or even slightly able to be empathetic to the student protesters. Because, whatever…protest away.

But I read the article twice and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the kids’ reaction to these chalkings was to march up to the administration and start yelling. Why not get buckets of water and wash them away in defiance? Why not get yourself some chalk and draw penises over the ads and “Fuck Trump!” all over the sidewalks?

They complained that there had been swift action when a swastika appeared on campus and wondered why these chalkings didn’t get the same treatment. I understand the tenuous link between Trump and Hitler right now but the symbol and the campaign signs are really VASTLY different.

I’m mad at these kids for chipping away at my ability to empathize :-/

I was at Purdue in the late 70s. There were a lot of Iranian students there who didn’t like the shah, and they expressed their discontent by spray-painting messages on the sidewalks around campus. THAT raised quite a ruckus. I suspect chalking wouldn’t have even raised an eyebrow…

A “Trump 2016” sidewalk chalking merits student protests?! These kids need more homework or something else better to do.

It’s too bad the chancellor can’t pull out some weed and tell them to have some and chill out.

Man college students are a sensitive bunch. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing after another upsets these precious little darlings. 100 year old statues, insensitive speech in the classroom, the word Trump written in chalk.

Why it’s just too much for their delicate brains to process. How ever can they possibly cope? :eek: :smiley:

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with chalk is a good guy with more chalk.

I’m amazed that somebody could say so little with so many words.
However, the part about ‘a commitment to an annual retreat’ part is probably true. I suspect that retreat includes a lot of alcohol. I’m sure they need it.

Screw the students why didn’t the president send the freaking janitor, at the first request?

Done, and done!

This, all of this, exactly.

I just… do they not read 1984 in high schools anymore?

Nope, they don’t - or at least many of them don’t.

Trump is an actual candidate for office. “Trump 2016” is a conventional bumper-sticker slogan. Do you want to bet that there are plenty of “Hilary! 2016” and “Feel the Bern” chalkings on campus?

These people are freaking out at the idea that there may be people on campus who support a political candidate they do not like. THAT is the scary part of this.

Putting aside that feeling comfortable – in this case clearly never having to feel uncomfortable – is antithetical to much of the learning process (remember Socrates?), how immature do you have to be to fear for your safety because someone holds a political view different from yours? These kids come across to me as intellectual and emotional babies. Helicopter parenting is bearing fruit, sadly.

I’d assume that, on a typical college campus, there’s about thirty-bajillion maintenance tasks that should take precedence over some scary sidewalk chalk.

I’ve seen numerous articles about students complaining about college professors that dare discuss controversial subjects or asks them to read a book like Huckleberry Finn. They feel uncomfortable and threatened. :smack:

I’m not sure how anyone can grow and mature intellectually without having their view of the world challenged occasionally.

Since when is this a goal? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or simply add chalk swastikas to each Trump drawing.

This is the fundamental tension created by the embrace of so-called “hate speech” by many on the Left and some on the Right.

It is foolish to imagine that you can draw a consistent line between hate speech and extreme political speech. Trump is the perfect example of an inhabitant of the gray area in between. If the chalk had been “David Duke 2016” would that be OK? How about “No more Muslim immigrants?”