Challenge the writer



Yay, you picked on of my words!

Presidebt, I really envy you. You obviously love to write . . . more importantly, you have fun with it, which, to me, is the secret. My job requires that I write long, boring, technical documents just so, in passive-voice bureaucratese. By the time I get home, I can’t stand to look at a word processor.

Go get 'em.

I’m having second thoughts about this one, and I’ll tell you why–because it sounds so super silly-us. You know, it sounds like some sort of Latin-ified slang term or something. I can hardly read it without getting a little tickle in my belly. :smiley:

Thanks ** PoorYorick **, you’re spot on–I love to write and have fun with it, and in that respect, I feel very lucky. I’m sorry your job is such a drag! :frowning:

In this day and age of persiflage and pedagogic agitprop there exists no shortage of corpusant leaders and existential zymologists; all of whom propagate the bumptious iconoclast,

Does that work? :smiley: