Challenge us with a non-famous line from a movie

Not only is that the most famous line from Some Like it Hot, I’ve heard it called the funniest closing line of any movie, ever.

Personally, I’m partial to “Stand still, Godfrey. It’ll all be over in a minute.”

I know. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was trying to be funny, when muldoon pointed out that my Planet of the Apes had been already been done by him just three months prior.

My Cousin Vinnie

Spies Like Us?

Afraid not.

That’s it.

Aaaand one thing leads to another in pointless internet surfing

‘I’ll gouge your left eye out with my thumb, I shit you not you little freak.’

Still in play…

Not Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, by any chance?

I’m not sure if it was in Pee-Wee’s movie, but the one I’m thinking of was an older movie.

“What took you so long?”
“Traffic was a bitch”

Another one where I can visualize the scene, describe the context, and name the actors, but would still have to look up the title.

That’s at the end of The Player. It’s in the movie-within-the-movie; Bruce Willis arrives in the nick of time to save Julia Roberts from the gas chamber.

I don’t recall what the movie-within was called, though.

Yeah…i was thinking about making a trick question to see if anyone could get it but opted out.

something like “Its the last line of the movie, also the last line of the movie is the name of the movie.”

The real last line being “Hmmm…The Player.”

The movie within the movie is called Habeus Corpus. I did check myself and I had it right.

“I knew these people”
“What people”
" These two people"

One of my favorite movies, Paris, Texas.

Yup. Well done.

^^^Still in play.

From the same movie…

“For a thousand years, we Gypsies have buried our dead like that. I couldn’t break the custom even if I wanted to.”

King of the Gypsies?