Challenge! Who is the man sitting with all the stars on Johnny Carson?

Here is the picture.
There is a bunch of people on Facebook going crazy trying to figure out who the blonde man closest to Johnny’s desk is.

The others are:
Danny Thomas
Marlo Thomas
Carol Burnett
Glen Campbell
Robert Young
James Brolin
Karen Valentine
and Ed.

For some reason, the man looks British to me.

The Dope collectively can answer almost anything. Can you answer this?

My first impression was that it was Hugh O’Brian. Who’s not blond, but I think it’s just the lights reflecting off his har.

Dick Cavett?

Has a resemblance to Peter Mark Richman, but Richman would have been an unlikely talk show guest, in my opinion.

He looks very familiar, but that is definitely not Dick Cavett or Hugh O’Brian.


Robert Young?

Robert Young is elsewhere in the photo – second right seated, next to mystery man.

Looks like it may be nominees for either the Golden Globes or the Emmy’s for 1971. All of these actors had hit shows that year. Still have no idea about the mystery man.

Might be the winners from 1971 as Young, Brolin and Valentine all won that year.

Still doesn’t help identify the mystery man.:confused:

Alec Guinness?

My guess is that it’s Mike Connors, who won the Golden Globe for “Mannix” in 1970. Burnett also won a Golden Globe that year, and Robert Young was nominated. That would have been for the 27th Golden Globe Awards.

I know Connors had darker hair than he appears to have in this photo, but that might just be from the lighting, particularly since he’s sitting right next to the desk.

He does bear a resemblance to Guinness, except for the sunken eyes. Guinness’ eyebrows are higher.

Wrong eyebrows and hair line.

My guess would be George C. Scott.

Jack Warden, who in 1971 won Outstanding Performance By an Actor in a Supporting Role in Drama for Brian’s Song

Looking over the list of nominees, Glen Campbell was up for New Star of the Year, no doubt for his work on True Grit.

I thought there was an issue of this not being the right set for the Tonight Show in 1970, which was much more “modernized”. However, I looked at some footage from 1969, and it’s dead on. The Golden Globes were presented in January, so they probably hadn’t changed to the new set at that point.

Not Jack Warden.

Not George C. Scott.

The description here says it’s Ted Bessell. I figure that because he’s the only one in that picture you didn’t know.