Champion, The Drinker

What happened with him/ her? I was just looking at a few of his posts (reading would imply understanding) and he has been banned and his posts locked.

I have no problem with the decision- I believe we are better off without his kind. However, was there any specific incident that triggered his banning?

(I have a cold six pack waiting for the mod who let the gavel drop :slight_smile: )

I don’t know the person who got banned, I don’t know this person either. Lame, though. What biz is it of yours? None.

Just saying, and I may as well say that I probably won’t read any replies.

I guess I was asking the Mods, but thanks for your input. If you bother to read this.

Almost certainly a sock would be my guess.

I’m curious as well.

Color me curious too.

Obviously a sock. C’mon, you have all been here long enough to realize that.

Sock puppet at minimum. He apparently started a new identity **Champion the drinker (part 2) ** which is enough to ban him.

Yeah, sock is certainly the answer. An entertaining sock, to be sure, but a sock nonetheless.

Yup. Socko McSockington. Only real question remaining is whose sock it was…

Come on!

The guy’s first post was to start a thread entitled, Roommates gone for the Weekend: Invite fat chick or teen?.

I was astounded at how many people replied to the thread as if it were a genuine inquiry from a non-troll.

It did have some of the “hmmm” quality, right?

To me, that is one of the deep and abiding mysteries of SDMB—This board often feeds trolls a gourmet feast, lavishing attention (even if it’s negative attention) on even the most blatant internet assholes…

I mean people are certainly free to respond to who they want to, but in my opinion, it only leads to more of the attention-seeking behavior and more of the general ignorance.

I saw a ATMB post from that name right after I saw that he was banned. It looked to me like he came back to question his own banning. That post was disappeared really quickly.

The guy was trolling and/or too stupid to live. We let it go for a while because people were having fun with it. (I sure was.) His last thread was a “Neil Young RIP” thread. Neil Young not being dead I decided this was over the line, so I removed the thread and banned him.

Lol! Wtf?

My sentiments exactly. Why even post in the thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

He was a rather entertaining diversion while he lasted, you have to admit.

Well, that certainly clears that up, thanks!

I didn’t run across him until after he had been banned. From the posts I saw, it looked like his schtick was being as outrageous as possible, and that he was trying to have as much fun as possible before the inevitable banning (which made me suspect sockhood). He was pretty entertaining, but I was neither surprised nor disappointed to see the word “BANNED” under his name.