Chance the Rapper

Anyone a fan of Chance the Rapper? This guy is takin’ over my brain, I can’t quit him!

I came upon Chance pretty late in the game, just last year. He’s been “acclaimed” since he put out his own mixtape in 2013.

I saw Action Bronson on TV somewhere and went to check his stuff out on YouTube. I watched the video for “Baby Blue” and wasn’t so impressed with Bronson himself but there was this captivating verse in the middle that was one of the most creative break-up disses I’ve ever heard, delivered in the most unique way. That was Chance the Rapper!

I started checking out everything I could find of Chance’s on YouTube. I’ll be honest, I was not exactly sure where to find a mix tape online so I never downloaded any of his stuff, just watched a lot of YouTube.

Then the Donnie Trumpet album Surf came out with the Chance track “Sunday Candy” and I was like “whaaaaat?! Yes!” Beautiful song about his grandma. And it was free!

Then he showed up on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, all of a sudden as Chance the dancer, it would seem. He debuted his song “Angels” and I bought it on Amazon the second it was released. Such an amazing and uplifting track. It’s my song of the year for 2015!

Then he was on SNL! The first label-less artist ever to perform! And he KILLED it!

He showed up a few weeks later again on SNL with Kanye (another Chicago rapper, who is one of Chance’s idols) doing the song they collaborated on for Kanye’s new album. No matter what you think of Kanye, that whole thing is pretty spectacular for Chance.

I finally figured out how to download his damn mixtapes. They’re free (legally). Crazy! Now I can take with me all of the songs I’ve been groovin’ on on YouTube.

Anyone else in to this guy? I was blasting his music for a few hours last night, choosing it over television which is rare for me :slight_smile: I am not The World’s Most Educated Hip Hop Fan but I can recommend him as a great new artist to watch. Forbes magazine named him one of their “30 under 30” for music in 2015 (he’s only 21 years old!)

He has gotten pretty prolific lately so I’m sure you’ll hear more of him soon enough. But maybe you heard it here first!

I like to watch
I like to watch
Yeah, yeah, baby
I like to watch

:smiley: That’s exactly what I was thinking.

The guy is definitely fantastic and quite inventive. Acid Rap was just an incredible album! Glad to see him get more mainstream press.


He was a guest on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” last summer, when they taped a show at the outdoor Pritzker Pavillion to a record capacity crowd. He was whip-smart, funny, and gracious to two fans who ran up on stage and hugged him. Impressed a whole lot of people who would never otherwise have heard of him. Hope he goes far.