Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving special with Chance the Rapper

This was on last night and I enjoyed it a lot. I thought chance was good in all his skits and most of the skits were funnier than usual. A lot of the skits dissolve without a decent punchline, this is common for SNL.

I have no way to verify this, but I think having six Black characters with lines on screen at the same time during the Family Feud sketch may have been a record for the show.

I was surprised at how well they used Chance. It felt like last week the guest Tiffany Haddish was only in like half the sketches and when she was she was just playing herself.

Chance is a really great guy and up for anything, and has some acting experience, so I can imagine they were not afraid to do anything with him.

Tiffany doesn’t seem too hard to work with but she had the double whammy of being black and a woman so the writers just didn’t have a clue what to do for her.

And yeah I thought even the post-news sketches were good last night, so that is the mark of s great show!

Has Michael Che done sketches before? I don’t recall seeing him do anything other than Weekend Updates.

This instantly came to mind when I saw him on the FF sketch. They only have so many black fellows to work with.

I thought Chance was really good but overall I thought the show was kind of strange. Weekend update was way below par. It felt like they threw Kate McKinnon’s Jeff Sessions in just because, Kyle Mooney’s tedious stand up comedian character need never be featured again and I don’t know what Pete Davidson was going on about but it was pointless and embarrassing. The video for “Come back Obama” was tepid and I could have sworn we’ve seen it before (?) The skit with the skanky baby sitter would have been pretty bad but Chance saved that one. All in all, I didn’t *hate *the show; it just made me feel like I was stoned or something.

You don’t remember him as Lester Holt, straight man to Trump?

I watch SNL every weekend. My loyalty on full display again.

I thought this episode was really funny. Best one this season.

The hockey skit was the highlight; I thought it was hysterical.

The Hockey skit was the best skit.

The Weekend Update was mostly excellent this week too. The Staten Island bit especially.

Oh yeah? How come it’s not in his name then? Chance the Rapper with Some Acting Experience. Dubious.

Ha! They actually did a promo with Chance and Eminem and Leslie Jones, asking Chance to change his name because Eminem was a rapper first. Leslie’s favorite was “Chancer the Dancer”. (name promo is third in the set)

Thanks! Will check it out when I get home!

Something I’ve wondered for a while: is “Chance the Rapper” an homage to Being There?

His first name is Chancelor.

Good episode. The hockey sketch was funny; the porn reaction to installing fuel systems skit was just bad. Pete Davidson’s bit on Staten Island with loved-native son Colin Jost was hilarious. I doubt Pete will be welcomed back anytime soon.

Tiffany Haddish is excellent at being herself. I don’t remember the skits much - Rihanna! Rihanna! Rihanna! - but remember her. And her bit about her McQueen dress in the opening was great.

I know. I just want to know if “Chance the _____” is meant as a reference, because if so, respect.

Ah. You know, I don’t think so, but he’s smart and thoughtful so it’s sure in the realm of possibility.

As my wife was watching that earlier the same night, I found that a surprising coincidence.

I thought it was pretty funny, but it was admittedly very, very NYC-centric.

If anything his name is a nod to the PlayStation game Prappa the Rapper, I’d say.

It wouldn’t be an homage to Being There, as his real name happens to be Chance(lor).

Ahhh. So I literally didn’t get it!:o I kind of wondered if there was an inside joke or something that I was unaware of.

It was very funny to me, but then I’m only a few miles from Staten Island so I guess it all just seem normal to me.