Change a driving law!

Let’s pretend… you are nominated the Transportation Czar for one day in your state/province/country, and you are given the power to do one of the following:

a. Remove an existing driving law.
b. Add a new driving law.
c. Modify an existing driving law.

The law will take effect immediately, and will be “the law” for one year, at which time it may or may not be properly codified into law by legislation.

As Transpiration Czar, what will you do?

If you cannot put your license plate tags in the right spot, you lose your license.

Rolling through stop signs is legal if the intersection is clear.

Fine for stopping in the right lane when you intend to go straight at a stop light.

Certain people (like me) should be allowed to mount grenade launchers on their vehicles and use them when they deem it necessary. Okay, maybe not.

I was thinking an autocannon myself. Solid tracers too so it looks pretty at night.

I might make it okay to paintball a vehicle traveling slowly in the left lane without intention to turn at the next left, unless there is a traffic jam of course.

Prohibit lane splitting by motorcycles.

All bicyclists who run stop signs or red lights will face a mandatory 60-day jail sentence.

If you wait more than 10 seconds to go forward when the light turns green, you get a bumper sticker that says, Doofus on board.

And helps to make it clear I’m shooting because they aren’t using their turn signal/don’t have their headlights on.

Thank you. Saved me the trouble of posting.

Shift to the German model of slow to the right, moderate in the middle, and fast to the left. Added to that, if you go slow in the middle lane, your car will be forcibly traded for a Yugo. Which will still have to be in the right lane

Mandatory vision and driving tests once you’re in your 80s or 90s. My 95 yr old mom drove to the DMV and they renewed her license with no questions asked. I mean, the vision testing stereograph machine is sitting right on the counter there!

Less practically, let’s have a separate high-skill driving test, full of emergencies and skidding. You pass that, you can drive in the left lane… where it’s illegal to drive less than 10mph over the speed limit.

I had to look that up as to where in the hell that’s legal, but apparently only California. I mean, motorcyclists do it here in Chicago sometimes (I actually do not see it all that often), but it’s illegal. Wonder why they allow it there. I mean, traffic can be shitty out there, but same in Chicago metro.

Dunno why it’s legal, but I really hate when they do it. I do NOT expect or want another vehicle that close to mine in traffic!

Lane splitting is the only reason to ride a motorcycle out here. On the freeways during rush hour that bike is priceless. It’s not like the cars are moving fast, if at all.

My son was transportation czar for a small city. The main thing he did was install bike lanes.

That was used in X Marks the Pedwalk by Fritz Leiber.

I would like to eliminate as many accidents and traffic slowdowns as possible. Therefore:

All motorists shall maintain at least a three seconds’ following distance regardless of speed when traveling on any divided highway.

On interstate highways, nearly all accidents and slowdowns are caused by following too closely.

New law. Driving at the speed limit in the fast lane is now a felony. Move it over. Just move. Get out of the way. You’re causing a traffic jam. Get the hell out of the way already. You see those two or three or even just one lane(s) to your right? That’s your lane. Get in it.
The driver coming up behind you just hit the brakes. The driver behind that one saw the brake lights, and hit the brakes, too. So did the following five cars. The last car in line is on the brakes, and is ready to fucking stop right there on the highway, and doesn’t even know what for.
Get the hell out of the way already. Asshole, that’s a felony.