"Change drivers" on stop sign?

Passed by a Carmax yesterday and noticed an odd sign at the exit. As you’re leaving the dealership and turning onto the roadway, there’s a stop sign that also says “Change drivers.” I Googled but only found design plans for a new Carmax that specifies the same sign.
What does “change drivers” mean?
(If you’re unfamiliar, Carmax is a used car dealership.)

Maybe it has something to do with a salesman taking a potential buyer out for a test drive. That’s the point at which the Carmax employee hands over or takes back control of the vehicle?

I just did this last Saturday when I bought my new car at the local Carmax. The salesperson drives the car up to the security gate, then you switch over so you can test-drive the vehicle around a bit. When you get back to the gate on your way back in, you stop and change again so the salesperson can repark the car.

Probability a liability thing in the Carmax lot. Insurance, lawyers, nannies and such.

That makes sense. Quick answer from the SD.

I’d there was only some type of Asian drill that one could use in this scenario.

FWIW, at my CarMax in South Florida, I drove the vehicle for the entire test drive. On the way in, I remember discussing where I should park the car.

Maybe there are state specific rules?

Yes; that’s what I first thought, too.

The CarMax in MD has a gate in and out of the used car lot (probably as an anti-theft measure?). It’s operated by a salesperson’s badge/PIN, so they must be driving to go through.