change email address

I am trying to change my email address via User CP, and I keep getting the message “Your email address has been banned by the administrator. You will have to change your email address to continue” when I try to save the changes. My email address remains the same in User CP after going through this process. Any help?

Send me a PM and I’ll refer it up the chain.

There is a ban list for email addresses, just like the IP ban we use to keep out spammers from certain areas.

These are domains that have been troublesome over the years because they are popular with spammers and scammers and it was easier to just wholesale ban the domain that to keep fooling with it.

Probably the biggest complaints we get on this issue are from two domains: “” and the entity that has all the occupational-named domains like “”

The Straight Dope does accept most of the usual free ISPs like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.

We apologize for your inconvenience and I hope we can find a way for this to work better for you. We do ask for you to keep a current working email address in your profile, so that’s important.

your humble TubaDiva