Changin the Microsoft Internet Explorer Title Bar and the WIN startup picture.

How do I change the title bar for Internet Explorer?? Like right now it says "Straight Dope Message Board - Post New Thread - Microsoft Internet Explorer"
The first part of it will always change, of course, depending on the title of the web page. But the last part- “Microsoft Internet Exporer” stays the same.
I had a neighbor who changed his to say “John’s Internet Explorer” or something stupid like that. Anyway, the point is he changed it. How did he do that?! Is it a registry entry? Is there a file I have to open with notepad and change or something???

Also, the second question is:
How do I change the start-up picture? You know, the stupid little clouds and Windows 95/98/2000 logo on it that it shows while it’s booting. I want to change my friend’s computer to show some disgusting picture everytime he turns it on. :smiley:

The window title can come from a few places in the registry, but the most common is:

HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main/Window Title

The key is a string value containing the text you want displayed.
The Startup, Wait, and Shutdown screens are usually at the following locations:

Startup = C:\LOGO.SYS
Wait = C:\Windows\LOGOW.SYS
Shutdown = C:\Windows\LOGOS.SYS

They must be 320 x 400, 256 color bitmaps (they get stretched when displayed).

Try for info on changing the startup/down pictures. It’s pretty easy but be careful just the same.

Thanks for the info. But could you explain what I would have to do with the logo.sys file when I find it?

You can edit it in paint (or the image editor of your choice), or create your own bitmap of the correct size and color depth, save it as LOGO.SYS and replace the system file with your edited one.

pmh, you rule!!
Got the logo thing to work, and I spray painted all over it!! “Bear Wuz Here” :cool:

However, in the registry I got as far as “HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main/” but there is no “Window Title” thingy in there anywhere. You said that it could maybe come from somewhere else, but I searched for Microsoft Internet Explorer in the registry and only found one result- which was not it :frowning:
I hit Find Next, and there were no more left.
Any ideas?

This key and others are optional. They are provided by MS to let re-sellers or ISPs “Brand” the browser (kind of like using different skins for Winamp). If the “Window Title” key is not present, IE uses the default text coded into IE itself. You can create the key yourself by going to -

HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main/

right clicking, and selecting “New” > “String Value”. Name the new value “winDOW tiTLE” (key names are not case sensitive, so I like to use this format to show the key has been manually created/edited), then open it and type the text you want to appear. The changes should take effect when you next start IE.

You can make the modification affect IE for all users by editing the same key in HKLM.

Other places it can come from usually involve tracing multiple GUIDs and it is simply easier to re-install IE.

Hey, cool. I’m now running “Mikah’s Internet Explorer” heh…