changing a dr on workers comp

does anyone know if you can change a dr on workers comp if they refuse to change a medication that is making you foggy and tempermental. my dr prescribed me gabapentin and refuses to put me on anything else and it does not help with the pain and it makes me foggy forgetful and mean. i have herniated disk cerviacal stenosis and ddd and gabapentin is a anti seizer medicien and nerve blocker. can this dr dod that to me

Can you help by saying where you are, generally? Worker’s compensation rules change by jurisdiction and country. (And I think by US state, but I have no idea, frankly.)

Although gabapentin is an anti-seizure medication, it’s also prescribed for neuropathic pain. It does work for some, myself included.

In terms of the ability to change your doctor while on worker’s compensation or what your recourse is, I have no opinion without further info.

Ask your claim adjuster. They are employed by the insurance company and have final say over who you are allowed to see. Depending on the laws in your state, you may be able to choose your medical provider OR the insurer may be able to make you stay in their network.

Maybe it’s just late but I totally thought this thread was going to be about changing a drive on your worker’s computer. XD