Changing my Username

How Do I Do it??

E-mail one of the Admins (TubaDiva, Arnold Winkelried, C K Dexter Haven, Gaudere, or Lynn Bodoni; their e-mails are available in their profiles). Ask nicely, and include an appropriate bribe.

You can also only change your username to *Atomic Badger Racing; MEB didn’t mention this, but it’s true.

Well, OK not even nearly true, but if you’re stuck for suggestions, there’s are threads full of 'em - there’s one active in MPSIMS now…

I want to change my username to Man get trout. Would that be possible?

Yes, and I would like to be Man Get Out

I was to be Spartacus!

You were to be Spartacus? What happened?

I want to be Mange, Get Out!

I tried touting Mange for a while, but I couldn’t get many buyers.

The deal fell through on a technicality.

:o ‘want’ was the worm I should have typed.

I’m in the office this morning after shoveling 8 inches of last night’s snowfall, trying to get motivated to do some actual work. Then I read this and snort coffee as I laugh. Wonderfully done Mangetout.

Does this mean that I have to get into the fishtank and sing?

Thank you; it has been a lemur of love.

Stop! Stop! You’re killin’ me here. ~grin~

Oh, get trout of here !

I just krill me, ya know.

Hey, stop it you guys! let me handle this on my owl.

This is probably more suited to MPSIS, but now that it’s goating, I just can’t baa to stop.

Enough with the sheep jokes.