Changing password in Internet Explorer

You know how Internet Explorer will remember passwords at websites? What if I told it to remember a password a long time ago, and that password has since changed, and I want Internet Explorer to enter the new password instead of the old?

(Yes, I know, I should not be using Internet Explorer at all, but this stupid site that I have to go to for work only works with IE. This is the only site I visit with IE.)

Usually if the site you are visiting gets the wrong password handed to it the site stops and asks you to enter your username and password. IIRC IE will remember the new one if you want it to.

Otherwise go to INTERNET OPTIONS in the TOOLS menu. On the GENERAL tab of the window that appears, under BROWSING HISTORY push the DELETE button. A new window appears that allows you to clear IE’s remembered passwords. Note it will clear ALL remembered passwords. When you visit the site again you should be prompted to enter your info.

No can do. Sites that remember you login and passwords do so by saving a cookie on your computer. Your password is encrypted in this cookie and the website software can read this. All you should have to do is visit the website, login using the new password and somewhere there should be a check box that says something like “remember me”, click on that. That should place a new cookie you your cookie folder and you are good to go. If this doesn’t work, try clearing your cookie folder. This is also going to wipe out any logins and passwords from other sites too. I did this the other day and spent about an hour getting logged back in on a variety of websites including this one.

In my experience, using both IE 6 and IE7 (and maybe earlier versions, too, I can’t remember), I’ve just manually changed the password and IE pops up with something like “You’ve entered a password that’s not the one we’ve stored. Do you want to change the stored password?”, and if you say yes, it will change it for you.

If for some reason that doesn’t work, when it attempts to sign you in with the incorrect password, the site itself should take you to a page to log in again manually. If you put the new password in there, IE should again provide a pop-up asking if you want to save this new password.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

After reading the OP again, Merhouse is on the right track. With IE open, click on Tools: Internet Options: Content tab: Auto Complete. Make sure the box in front of User names and passwords on forms is checked then check the Prompt me to save passwords box. Then go to the site and login with your new password. When prompted to save the new password, click yes.