Passwords and Internet Explorer

Hello Everyone,
I let Internet Explorer save my passwords for non-sensitve sites, like SD. Recently I changed one of my passwords and of course everytime I go there now I have to enter my password as the saved one is incorrect. I do realize that after I enter the new one 30 or 40 times Internet Explorer will eventually ask me if I want to replace the old password with the new one. My question is, does anyone know how to change a password that has been saved manually?


I found this on the internet. I don’t know if it works or not since I don’t use IE.

Type in the first letter of your user name, auto-complete will bring up a box of choices. Highlight the username you want to use. Hit the “delete” key. Another auto complete window will pop up saying, “windows has a stored password for this user name. Do you want to delete the username and password?” Click, “yes”. Close explorer window and when you reopen you should be able to type in your user name and password and it should ask , “do you want to save this password?”

If it works, credit belongs to a poster named “kelly5678” on a Microsoft forum.

(Not entirely sure if this is relevant to your situation.)

Under Windows 7, you can go into Control Panel, User Accounts & Family Safety (*), then Identification Manager. Under Generic Identification Information, you should see the Web site in question. Press the down-arrow button on its right side, and there are links where you can modify or delete the info.

(I’m translating these command names names from my French version of Windows 7, so they may not match exactly.)

This is weird. Firefox will immediately ask you if you want to change your saved password if you enter in a different one. What is Microsoft’s reasoning here?