How do I view my password in Explorer 11, Windows 7?

I generally use Explorer 11 as my work browser, and I think we’re running on Windows 7. Explorer sometimes stalls, so I’ll hop over to Chrome to do a task. here’s the problem: My password for a certain site is automatically filled when I go to log on using Explorer. A password is also provided if I log on using Chrome. Except the password in Chrome is incorrect.

How do I view the password being used by Explorer, so that I can put it into the login box in Chrome?

I’ve tried using the little gear icon in Explorer, and ‘manage passwords’ is not there. I tried using Credentials Manager, but did not see anywhere where it said Web Credentials.

I could always have my password reset, but I don’t want to. I’d rather know what it is.

You won’t easily be able to view the password in Explorer. Open Chrome, go to Settings, and scroll down to “Import Bookmarks and Settings”. Select Internet Explorer 11 as the browser you want to import from, and make sure “Saved Passwords” is ticked, and then click “Import”. See how that goes.

The Exploder bookmarks have been imported for some time. I tried importing them again (resulting in a new Chrome tab) and choosing the page from there. It still said ‘login failed’. I need to see the password I’m using in Explorer so I cay physically type it into Chrome.

And the “Import saved passwords” option was ticked when you were importing into Chrome?

Password management in IE is reached through the Control Panel, Credential Manager. Go there and you should see a list of sites with saved passwords. Click the View button, and assuming you have authorization, you should be able to see it.

I tried using Credentials Manager, but did not see anywhere where it said Web Credentials, where I should have been able to see the passwords.

Looking more, I think you’re stuck. In Windows 8 and 10, there’s a link to show the password. From what I can see online, it doesn’t appear to be an option in Windows 7.

Have you tried Belarc Adviser?