Changing the channel

Or picking up a book.

Probably won’t help, but it makes me feel better.

Let’s all just switch the channel whenever something comes on concerning the Robert Blake case.

Why is he getting so much attention? It was extraordinarily stupid* – Darwin Awards level even – but no more stupid than stuff from a typical Cops episode.

Is there some reason we should have daily updates? Who cares why he’s mad at Jay Leno? How can programmers be so out of touch with what people care about? Or do people care and I’m out of touch?

*Not prejudging the guy. Whether he killed this woman or not, his actions were stupid.

I wonder why this bothers me more than the attention given to Britney Spears and Wacko Jacko. For some reason, it does. Maybe because deep down, I think he’s getting off on the attention.

OK I’m in. But lets also change the channel when any stupid reality show comes on - I demand better television!

Okay, now that Joe Millionaire is finished, I can do that. :slight_smile:

I wish there were a better way to find the good stuff. You can’t trust TV Guide, and reputable mags pretty much ignore TV.

Sometimes, by the time word of mouth gets going, a promising show is already gone.

I wish someone could explain the Robert Blake thing to me though.

No, no, if we change the channel we’ll miss “Robert Blake: Married by America”!

Oh geez, Otto, that is so possible, isn’t it? Shades of Tiny Tim.